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A few things to add to your kids' Valentine's bags...

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

If you are finding you may need one or two more things to get your kids for Valentine's Day, I have some ideas for you! All of these items are for boys and girls.

I bought this Gummy Candy Lab for each of my two older boys (4.5 and almost 7.) I was thinking it would last longer than a pack of gummy bears and is an activity. A STEM activity, plus yummy. You can't go wrong there.

This Paint Your Own Stepping Stone is a heart so fits perfectly for the holiday. And, its perfect timing with spring time gardening just around the corner. Also, its a quiet activity of creativity.

Have you seen these cute Alien Remix toys? If your kids love Pixar movies, they will love these! I bought a three pack for my boys and I'm going to split them up, one for each of them. Let me just note, while the one I got for my 21 month old seems ok, these are labeled for 3 and up.

If your house is like mine, you were just inundated with toys for Christmas. You may have just barely gotten them all organized. Sticker books make excellent non toy gifts, and are a quiet activity. Yay for quiet activities! Also, stickers help with fine motor development in toddlers and preschoolers.

I live in an area where it doesn't rain often so rain boots are not a necessity. So my boys were thrilled to get rainboots when I told them they can use them to jump around in the mud.

Parents letting their kids know there is going to be a jump in muddy puddles day is a present in itself.

My kids can ALWAYS use new crayons. They break, they get lost, the dog eats them, the baby rips the box they go name it. Don't get me started on kids who don't put the caps back on the markers. This is a cute set with 140 coloring pieces in a sturdy box.

For the little ones who still color on the wall...Crayola Mess Free Color Wonder. I love these! I bought my one year old a Baby Shark set and a Daniel Tiger set for Christmas.

A Giant Teddy will make a big impact on Valentine's Day when the kids see it as they come out of their rooms for breakfast. Or what if they wake up next to it?!? How cute. My kids have a giant teddy bear and they love laying on it, jumping on it, playing with it, dressing it, etc. Ours is great to lounge on too! A huge lovey for love day sounds like an excellent idea to me.

Floor puzzles are an excellent gift. They are big enough for the whole family to get in on, and the pieces tend to be big enough for little hands. The great thing about a map puzzle is they are learning the placement of the states at the same time. And, this puzzle shows some things the states are known for too. Do your kids collect Road Trip Ryan toys? Mine do. Those are also a great way to learn about all 50 states. Check them out here.

Treats that last and won't rot the kids' teeth are also a super cute gift for Valentine's Day.

The M&M ice cream sandwiches are just adorable and these Melissa and Doug wooden toys are so durable.

Finally, don't forget my Valentine's book recommendations here.

* I am Amazon affiliate and earn from purchases at no additional cost the reader.

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