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It's January ! Planning During A Pandemic

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

I know what you're thinking. How can I plan in this unprecedented and unpredictable time? The rules are changing so often, I don't even know what they are anymore. And, everything I planned last year got canceled. Do you know the disappointment of canceling a trip to Disneyland?!? Besides, I am overextended between supervising zoom school and teleworking.

Ok, so planning definitely looks different this year. And, most of 2020s big plans probably didn't pan out. But, I have actually found the pandemic has required MORE planning. I remember after the beginning of the pandemic, non essential stores like Party City closing a few weeks before Dragon 1's birthday. I was very concerned about all of his gifts and pokemon decorations arriving on time. (I know there were more important things to worry about like food and toilet paper, but when the kid's Legoland birthday trip was already canceled, I had to pull through with at least decorations for his at home with no friends birthday.) Luckily, because I already had the themes planned for D2 and D3, ( both have a birthday within 6 weeks of his birthday) I could order early!

Usually in January I start thinking about themes for my kids' birthday parties, vacation and weekend getaway plans, lessons I want the kids to take, etc. I don't have any big things on my agenda for this year yet, but there are plenty of fun things I can plan for at home. To an adult these may seem trivial, but to a kid it might be the perfect thing to lift their mood and create a lasting memory during these crazy times. So start planning for them!

If you're not sure where to start, start browsing through things you've pinned but haven't had a chance to do. Think back to major the holidays and think of ideas that came to you to late for that year but you can do this year. Also, you can think about what skills your little ones need to learn this year and activities or lessons that will help with that.

Of course, you can do plenty of special things spur of the moment with supplies on hand, but I like to jot down things that require purchases and I don't want to forget. For example, I wanted to do jello eggs for Easter last year but I didn't buy the supplies in time. So, since I'm planning for it this year, its more likely to happen. Also, I wanted to buy the kids rain boots for Christmas but that didn't make the priority list so they are going to go on the list for gifts for Valentine's Day.

Here's some examples of things I have jotted down for 2021.


Convert Christmas tree to a Valentines' tree

Get zoom Judo started again

Have a playdough day

Take out all the clothes that don't fit the boys

Start Online Book Club


Make a King Cake

Drive Thru Jurassic Quest

Get the Kids Rain Boots

Cherry 7up Floats


Backyard Camp Out

Leprechaun trap


Jello Eggs

D1 needs new bike for his birthday.


D3 birthday

Plant Pumpkins

Blueberry Picking

Friendship bread


D2 birthday (super hero theme?)

TK graduation

Road trip?


Fork firework painting


Make your own ice-cream




Swim Lessons


Apple Picking

Start looking for elf accessories


10th anniversary trip

Make apple cider with the kids


Turkey Tails

Elf comes back


Felt Snowman

Get the Christmas town set up this year!

I love the physical act of writing. When I write something it just sticks in my brain. If you do too, you can put your list in the notes section of each month in your planner if you are good at looking ahead the month prior. If you don't use a planner I recommend putting the list on on the refrigerator. If you prefer digital planner and you like all your plans on your phone and computer then you can totally do that too!

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