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Chocolate Covered Cherry Inspired Ice Cream Cake

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

While I was brainstorming Valentine's Day Weekend dessert ideas, I kept coming back to chocolate covered fruit and all the ways that is done. Some people do fondue, others have a platter of chocolate covered strawberries, and others just break open a box of cherry cordials. Ultimately, I decided to do an ice cream cake inspired by chocolate covered cherries.

Ice cream cake is something that sounds hard to make but is actually so easy! And the different combinations of flavors are really limitless. I have made several unique types of ice cream cakes over the past 11 years, but this so far has been my favorite! AND, this cake was about HALF the price as a Baskin Robins cake of similar size.

For this recipe, I chose a brownie bottom, one layer of cherry ice cream, one layer of chocolate ice cream and whipped cream topping with maraschino cherries.

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1 box of brownie mix + required ingredients Any type is fine, but I used Fudge. I think

"chewier" is better than "cakier" for ice cream cake.

1.5 quart of any cherry ice cream (but did not use all of it)

1.5 quart of any chocolate ice cream (but did not use all of it)

1 container of cool whip

1 jar of maraschino cherries


1. Prepare and bake brownies according to directions in a 9 to 12 inch springform pan, whichever size you have will work. I used a 10 inch. Only grease the pan in the area the brownie will cover. (*Note I used coconut oil in my brownies.)

2. Let brownies and pan cool completely to room temperature. I actually made mine in the morning and left it while I went on a lunch date with my husband.

3. Set out ice cream and cool whipped topping for about 20 minutes. Cut a strip of wax paper to cover the sides of the springform pan above the brownies. You can chill your pan during this time if you like.

4. When the ice cream is spreadable, but before is significantly melted, spread cherry ice cream into one even layer. I used almost all of the carton except about 1 cup. How much you use is up to you and how much room you have. Then repeat with chocolate ice cream.

5. When you add the cool whip layer is personal choice. If you want it frozen, let your ice cream harden up a tad in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes then spread on the cool whip. This is mostly for aesthetics. If you do it immediately after your ice cream layers, melted ice cream may swirl into that layer. Or, you can add whipped cream right before serving, if you prefer it fluffy.

6. Press and cover. Freeze for a few hours to overnight.

7. Let thaw a bit before serving for easier cutting. Place maraschino cherries on top before serving.

Happy Valentine's Day

Dragon Mama

Thank you for sharing!

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