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DIY Mother's Day Gift Box

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

A customized gift box is always appreciated by moms. I made my mom a gift box with some items that look pretty and I know she will love. And, my sons put their own personal touch on it as well!


This article may contain some affiliate links. All recommendations are 100% my own. I may receive a commission at no cost to the reader.

This first thing that I chose for the box is a Lavender Eye Pillow. It comes in a variety of colors. I have a hot pink one and I bought purple this time. I simply cannot function without this product. It is so good for sinus headaches. I heat it up and place it on my face for pain relief, and the lavender aroma is very relaxing while I am waiting for my headache to go away. The satin is very luxurious; I would not an eye pillow made of any other fabric. Before I found this product I was using hot towels, and I really did not like being left damp. It can also be used just like a heating pad. Additionally, it can be put in the freeze if you prefer cold relief on your face or can be placed on a part of your body like a swollen ankle. It is so much more comfortable than a zip-lock bag filled with ice. Sometimes, I just lay it on my eyes for better sleep. My mom experiences frequent headaches and lack of sleep, so I am excited for her to try this.

The next item I put in was a Lavender Shortbread Cookie Mix from Belle Epicurean, a French style bakery and café in Washington. (There's also a recipe for bars included if your prefer.) I was trying to think of something unique and outside of the box with this one. My mom loves baking and trying new things, and because its lavender scented it goes with the spa theme right? Have you ever had lavender cookies? I've had lavender lemonade and it was lovely. If you aren't in the Seattle area to give their bake goods a try at the bakery, they sell their mixes on Amazon!

I added a simple Jergens Lotion I know my mom has used before (also in a Lavender scent) because I thought the bottle was really beautiful. I priced check this. This lotion is at Walmart and Amazon for the same price! Sometimes, on holidays I will buy Victoria Secret lotions or Bath and Body Works lotions when I am purchasing enough to get free shipping. But when I am not...Amazon to the rescue! I'm not taking 3 masked boys into a lotion store right now!

The next product I included are Peony Bath Salts from Simple Soak Bath Co. Did you know that bathing with bath salts can improve your sleep? They also soothe the skin, ease aches and pains and of course make your bath smell sweet. I was so excited to try these when I saw the site online, so I bought myself some too! I love the heavenly scent of Peony, (and you wouldn't believe the price!) The also have a bath salt called, "Tired As a Mother," with lavender & chamomile which would be perfect for Mother's Day too. Check it out here.

Finally, the last item I added was a Pure Bath Bomb by Rachelle Parker. It had a pinkish tone which I thought went well with the peony. I took this individually wrapped bath bomb from a set. I have tried many brands of bath bombs and I really like these. They have a perfect amount of scent and I feel very moisturized after leaving the bath. They also claim their bombs are all natural and hypoallergic. You can find these on Amazon as well.


I looked at a large range of options for this box. Because of the size of the cookie mix I needed a fairly deep box. So, I couldn't use an inexpensive clothing box. But, that may work with a different mix. Michaels had boxes that were cute and deep enough for around $8 but they had a design on it. I wanted my box to by painted by my boys. So I found this Hallmark box for $6.99 on Amazon which included filler. (Buying Filler online is not cheap.) I also added a little filler that came in the bath salts box to add some dimension.

My 2 oldest boys did some beautiful artwork on box for their Grandma, who they affectionally call "Grammie."



This a picture of the box all painted, filled and tied up.

For another really cute painting idea for kids to make for Grandma read Grey Skies and Rainbow Highs post on Toddler DIY flower pots here.

And, if someone asks you what you want for Mother's Day, be sure to read my recommendations here.



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