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Don't forget these Back to School Essentials

Updated: Aug 5

Backpacks, pencils, art supplies, folders, clothes and shoes. These are the things we know we need for the new school year. You probably have a list from the school of all the supplies. These are the things that aren't on the list, but you probably want to get.

You also might want to set up a homework station now as well. I like to use a rolling cart for our homework and art supplies so I can move it wherever we are in the house. For tips on setting one up, read here.

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The kids aren't going to let anyone forget they need new kicks. But check out your kids' socks. It's a great time to throw out any with holes or stains and get some new ones. I personally have liked Hanes socks for my boys.

Snack Bags/Containers

Of course the lunchbox is an important back to school buy. My kids are still the age where they pick cool characters and designs. You probably found some bento boxes or the like to put in there as well. I personally like these for my 4 year old. Another thing to think about is if your kids have snack time, is a container for that. I'm guilty of using plastic bags in the past but this year I plan to be more eco-friendly.

Ice Packs

On an average fall or spring day, you probably don't really need an ice pack. But, these kids are starting in the heat!

Lunch Notes

I don't always send lunch notes, usually just on special occasions, but I really want to get more in the practice of it. Here are some I found on Amazon, but I did hear there are some at Aldi.

Antibacterial Gel/Wipes

I try to make sure my kids always have wipes or hand sanitizer available. Do they ever use it at school? I'm not quiet sure. But I always try to disinfect them when they get in the car.


I usually use my cricut to label the kids' supplies, but that can get really tedious sometimes. And, then I forget to make extra and in the middle of the year I'm searching for a Sharpie for new things. So, these waterproof labels are handy. There's also fabric labels for clothes and jackets. (Who's kid always forgets their jacket at school?)

I hope these recommendations helped you in your back to school shopping. For a more comprehensive back to school to do list from dental visits to haircuts, I have a free printable.

While, you are shopping for school, you might want to get prepared for the viruses coming this fall, with seasonal-sickness-supply-stock-up.

Here's to Another Successful School Year

Dragon Mama

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