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Dragon Mama Baby Clothes Organization System

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

When you are preparing for a baby you want to have a clothing organization system already in place when the baby arrives. Doing anything "extra" while taking care of a newborn can be daunting. If you have a burst of nesting energy, use it for organization! The more organized you are, the easier everything else is.

Here is the super simple baby clothing organization system I came up with.


First when you buy or receive baby clothes hang up the clothes unwashed, tags on. As you get more, add more. Make sure all the clothes in the closet are in size order. This saves you from doing an enormous amount of laundry pregnant. Second, you don't necessarily know which sizes will fit which seasons. You could have a baby that grows faster/slower than others. Later on you may end up exchanging a size 9 month sweater for a 12 month short sleeve polo, especially if you don't have a surplus of the size. Sometimes you get twenty 6 month outfits at a baby shower and two 12 months outfits. (I usually don't return anything I just save it for the next kid, but I do know many people who utilize returns.) Also, you can see everything you have in each size at the same time. It's visible and you don't have to go through any drawers or boxes. When you go to grab 6 month or 9 month clothes to be washed, you won't miss any. Its so sad when you find an adorable baby outfit they didn't wear yet, but now they are too big. Finally, some babies' skin can be extremely sensitive and temperamental. You may start with one free and clear brand and find out baby's skin doesn't like it. You don't want all your washing to be for nothing.

So, wash the newborn or 0-3 month sizes only at first and put them in the drawers, depending on which you think your baby is going to wear. Then when they start outgrowing those, wash and move the next size into the drawers.

You can get these cute little handy dividers to help with size organization.


I use drawers for clothing sizes the baby is wearing at the present. I highly recommend getting a changing table with drawers. It's so nice to be able to pull out clothes quickly if you unexpectedly have to change their clothes. Which, you may actually find happens quiet frequently. In the middle of the night, you will find this especially handy. Because remember, you don't want to take your hands off the baby on the changing table (for safety) to go grab clothes, even when they just projectile pooped on you! I always keep pajamas in the top drawer for easiest nighttime grabbing. You can use the bottom two drawers for tops and bottoms respectively, or if you like to keep outfits together, separate them in a way that suits you. I also keep baby socks and mittens in the top drawer in a small open container to the side. If you have a lot of accessories like socks, hats, mittens, headbands you can always get an organizer set. **Baby sock tip - baby socks are notoriously hard to keep track of. They are tiny little things. If you get sock packs with all different designs, you are going to have a baby with mismatched socks. It doesn't bother me but may irk some.

I have a changing table that looks exactly like this in espresso. I used it for all three of my boys. Money well spent. (Well, spent by my parents since it was a gift.) Of course, some people just put a changing pad on a dresser. That does have a cute minimalist look, but I like the rails for a little extra safety and things like the diaper cream don't get kicked off the table by little baby feet. *Please, secure baby furniture to the wall.

Now you might ask where are the diapers if you fill the drawers with clothes. We use a diaper caddy on the side of the changing table. It looks a lot like this. Diapers, wipes, diaper cream and everything fits nicely. Don't forget a healing cream or Vaseline (whatever your doctor recommends or approves) if you have a boy that you choose to circumcise.


After baby grows out of clothes in the drawer, the unstained clothes go into a tub labeled with size. Buy these ahead of time so you don't have piles of outgrown baby clothes with nowhere to put them. I keep these on the top closet shelf. The size of the tubs are going to depend on the amount of baby clothes you have. You can then easily bring these out for your next baby or to give away. I had 3 boys in a row so this came in very handy. Then when my last baby was a year old, my sister had a baby boy. I just gave her the boxes which were ready to go! I also have a separate tub for sentimental baby clothes, which is so precious to me. More on what I'm doing with those on another day! Target periodically has great sales on storage tubs by the way.


For a bonus organization tip, I keep the baby's towels in the bathroom in an inexpensive plastic dresser. In the bottom two drawers I keep my older boys pajamas and underwear. Their clothes are right there handy for when they get out of their baths at night!


This storage system is essential for my laundry system. I will be sharing my laundry system soon!

Expecting moms, any of the above items can be added to your Amazon registry. If you haven't started one, click below!

**I am an Amazon Affiliate. I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to reader.

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