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Easter Basket Ideas for Kids Ages 4-7

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Putting Easter baskets together for toddlers is so easy. There are so many cute spring products for the little ones. As the kids get older, they have their own diverse interests and the one size fits all "stuffer" ideas don't always work. Here are some ideas based on what type of activities kids these ages may be into.

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Really, all kids in this age range use markers right? Well, lets step up the sensory experience with scented markers. AND, let's make it more fun by distinguishing the sweet from the stinky. I personally bought these markers for my 4 and 6 year old, and I am expecting them to be a hit. Crayola has scented twistable crayons too! I like these because they don't break so easily. The Easter themed chalk is pretty cute also.

Nintendo Switch

Does your child play Nintendo Switch? My 7 year old doesn't have a lot of time to play with school in session, but he does enjoy playing when he gets extra time, especially on rainy days. He collects Amiibos. They are little figures he sets out on his book shelf and he scans them in to add the player to the game he wants to play. I believe they all work in all Nintendo Switch games!

Unicorns and Dinosaurs

These brightly colored herd of unicorns that fold nicely into eggs are perfect for Easter basket. For the prehistorical reptile fans, excavate these fossil eggs with matching dinosaur fact cards or check out these dinosaurs puzzles in plastic eggs. (I love when puzzles have a sturdy container, rather than cardboard.) Finally, dinosaur smashers are hugely popular right now and also conveniently- egg shaped!

Outdoor Activities

Whether you have a boy or a girl, its important for this age group to be able to catch and throw a ball. If they don't have a mitt yet, or need a new one, these are a perfect addition to an Easter basket. While they are outside, jumping rope and making giant bubbles are also great activities for this age group.


Beaker Creatures! There are all types of experimental labs that beaker creatures sells for the scientific mind. My boys particularly love the volcano, and they received extra reactor pods which happen to be pretty close to an egg shape in their Easter baskets last year. A plus, the kids get to collect little creatures from the pods!

Star Wars Fan?

Star Wars and Baby Yoda are big with this age group for both boys and girls. If you squint it kind of looks like an egg doesn't it?

Ryan's Toy Review and EK Doodle Fans

My 5 year old loves all the Ryan's World Toys. These toys are great for Easter because there are so many that are egg shaped. Emma and Kate have some new cute toys for girls now as well.

Lego Lover?

My kids have been becoming increasingly interested in Legos, particularly Marvel and Star Wars. There are some cute Easter sets too!


Squishmallows are all the rage with this age group, and Easter is the perfect time to buy one. There are some adorable chicks and bunnies. Grab one before they sell out!


I have several articles recommending books here and here. Any of which I think would be perfect, but here are some additional recommendations for Easter!


If you want to throw in one or two learning games, take a look at these. My son in K got the POP sight words game in his stocking for Christmas and the boys play it without me even having to suggest it!

Finally, (in addition to treats) I added a bit of spring clothes to my little guys' baskets. Check out deals on fresh clothes from Carters.

I hope everyone has a delightful Easter!

Dragon Mama

BONUS BUY: Who else loved getting lip smackers in their Easter basket?

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