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My Favorite Amazon Buys From The Year

Updated: Jan 3

In 2022, I made over 300 orders on Amazon. Here are my top 25 items that I felt were my favorite buys in terms of quality for the price. Most of these, me or my family use on a regular basis.

Personal Care Items

I love this toothbrush, and not just because it is pink! First, it holds a good charge. You literally only have to charge it every 2-3 months. It has a two minute timer and has several speed options. If you have sensitive teeth , there is a clearly labeled sensitive mode! At under $40 at the time of this writing and what I paid about 6 months ago, its a great deal.

I used my sister's Hot Tools One Step Hair Dryer early in the year on vacation and I loved it. Its so easy to use, which I need because honestly I am not skillful in the hair department. I also don't have a lot time. I don't blow dry my hair everyday but when I do, I always use this. It reduces frizz and leaves your hair smooth and sleek.

Health and Wellness

I am so glad I bought this pulse oximeter. My husband got COVID twice this year within a 3 month period! A pulse oximeter is a small device that monitors oxygen saturation. A low number can be one indicator that you need to see a medical professional and/or need oxygen. For more information on blood oxygen read here: (This is not intended as medical advice. I am not a medical professional.)

I am not much of an exerciser. But, obviously we all have to do something right? For me, I like walking on a treadmill, if I do anything. I really was looking for two things; I want to be able to fold it and move it if I'm having people over or something. I don't have a convenient permanent place for one right now. I also wanted one that wasn't too pricey because I don't use it nearly as much as I should. I did try a cheaper one, and it was junk. It's basic, but it works and has held up all year.


I was hesitant to call this section fashion because what do I know about style? But this is my mom style. My uniform is basically t shirts and high waisted jeans or leggings and sweatshirts. Sometimes, I'll wear a flowy blouse if I have an appointment or something. These are some of my go-to items I bought on Amazon.


I use these containers for snack bars and anything in a small bag or pouch. For example, I put out Organic Z Bars, Kids Power Crunch Protein Bars, Belvita Breakfast Cookies, Yum Earth Fruit Snacks, Made Good Minis etc. in them. I love having everything easily laid out for the kids to grab, or for me to put in their lunch. You can also remove the inner pieces to put larger items in, and then hold things like applesauce cups.

I use these large containers for things I like to keep a lot of. I use one for rice and one for pinto beans because my husband likes to have these always on hand for sides. We both also eat oatmeal so we eat a lot of it. These containers will hold two containers of Quaker Oats from Costco. (I know its better to have organic, but my kids don't eat this oatmeal.)

I love this saying, and have moved this piece around my house several times. I think I finally found the perfect spot. This is a reminder to be grateful for what we have now that we once longed for.

I know a lot of people in my generation do not like to iron. Throwing a shirt in the dryer can work in a pinch. But having a portable steamer on hand is MUCH better, and it saves money on dry cleaning when you just need something pressed. My husband uses his steamer on his work shirts almost everyday. It also works for linens. Its awfully expensive getting tablecloths pressed.

We filled an art cart this year. Its a pretty efficient way of keeping things organized and available to the kids. Yes, sometimes I have to go in an clean it up a bit, but they do a pretty good job of putting things back where they go. To see what we put in our cart and how we arranged it read:

For the Kids

I use these containers for my three year old's lunch. I like these for multiple reasons. First, he can easily open this container and doesn't have to ask his teacher to open a bunch of other packaging. It has 4 different compartments so I can include a few different types of food groups. Some things he likes to bring are black olives, Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers, apple slices, cantaloupe, Annie's Chocolate Chips Cookies, etc.

My kids go through shoes like crazy, and I have definitely bought shoes on Amazon that literally fell apart! These Sketchers were a big hit with my 8 year old because they resemble Minecraft designs. And, they lasted from August to December with no issues! He also never complained they are uncomfortable or had to be broken in, like he sometimes does with some DCs and Vans.

With three boys, I've bought a lot of shorts. These are one of my favorites for all ages. Comfortable and cute. They Children's Place. Check the pricing and if they are the same price as the store you may want to still get on Amazon because tends get the here faster, at least where I live. They come in multiple colors and we have them all.

Transferring car seats is a pain in the butt. I like high back booster seats for my older kids, but moving them around is not convenient at all, especially when you have multiple kids. My husband and I, and my mom, all keep 3 seats in our vehicles, but sometimes, someone else has to transport your kids, or you get a rental car, or are using a taxi/uber, or you are going on an airplane. These booster seats are handy to have around, and the company claims these exceed car seat safety standards. (I'm not an expert though, so do your own research.) These deflate for maximum travel convenience and can easily fit in a backpack. They position the kids in the right spot and keep the safety straps where they are needed. Great buy!

For my Husband

My husband does not like a bulky wallet, so thin is a must. But, it also has to be made of material that lasts because its something he uses everyday. (He has the carbon fiber leather.) Its pretty cool that it has a one year replacement guarantee. It also has a magnetic money clip that works well holding cash. It can also protects information by blocking 13.56 frequency.

My husband uses this resistant band set for strength training at home. They are much easier to store than weights and are more versatile, as they can also help increase coordination, stamina, flexibility. The resistance bands set come with 5 different resistance levels: 20lbs, 30lbs, 40lbs, 50lbs and 60lbs in 5 different colors, both in 51". You can use the bands independently or in any combination with a maximum resistance level of 150lbs.

Other Fun Stuff

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