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Plan A Dr. Seuss Week With Me!

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Are you planning on celebrating National Read Across America Day on March 2nd? Your children's teachers may have some activities planned, but if they aren't in school, it likely isn't the same. I remember walking into my oldest's TK classroom on Wacky Wednesday. That was craziness! Shoes on the wall, upside down clocks, things hanging down from the ceilings. I also recall D2 running out of preschool proclaiming he tried Green Eggs and Ham! So, I'm not going to let the week pass by without all the extras for my littles. I already decorated our school areas with Dr. Seuss posters and cutouts. I bought mine from Oriental Trading, but it may be too late to order from there. Amazon to the rescue!

At the same's still a busy week with school and work, plus I have a toddler running around. So, nothing is going to be very complicated or expensive. If you want to join me, here is the schedule I'm following. Each day, I have a dress up, treat and craft/art component. Pick and choose what you like. (If my children's school has other plans they may dress differently, but either way my other plans will remain the same.) I've included a list of materials needed for the crafts and treats if you need to get anything. You may have many of these materials on hand. Additionally, there are links to purchase any of the books you don't have, but if that isn't in the budget, I will be posting YouTube storytimes I have seen of these books.

I will also be posting detailed instructions for each day very soon so make sure to subscribe if you want all the details!


My 6 year old loves the Lorax. In fact, it's one of his favorite movies. So I had to include it!

Dress Up: Wear a silly mustache.

Treat: Marshmallow Truffula Trees

1) Wilton Cookie Sticks or Paper Straws. Plastic might work too! Any color or any design.

2) Marshmallows

3) Melting Chocolate

4) Sprinkles

Craft: Lorax and Trufulla Tree Fork Painting

1) Any Paint (except watercolors) in any colors, but yellow is necessary for painting the Lorax.

2) Plastic Fork

3) Any Paper (if you have orange paper that may be helpful but you can always improvise.)

TOP HAT TUESDAY (Cat in the Hat and/or The Cat in the Hat Comes Back)

Dress Up: Wear a Dr. Seuss themed hat...or any hat.

Treat: Strawberries and Whipped Cream AND Cat in the Hat String Cheese

1) Clear Plastic Cup or Glass (if your kids are safe with glassware)

2) Strawberries

3) Whipped Cream or Cool Whip

4) String Cheese

5) Sharpies (black and red)

Craft: Draw a Dr. Seuss character.

1) Paper + Crayons or Markers

WACKY WEDNESDAY (Wacky Wednesday)

Dress Up: Mix up and mismatched clothes. Try and wear as many colors as possible

Treat: Dessert for Breakfast

1) Popsicle Mold

2) Yogurt

3) Fruits of your choice

Craft: Create a Wacky Monster

1) Paper Plate

2) Construction Paper

3) Any other supplies you have on hand like googly eyes, feathers, stickers, glitter etc.

TWIN THURSDAY (Thing 1 and Thing 2 from the Cat in the Hat)

Dress: Dress identical to someone you know.

Treat: Jello with blue whipped cream hair.

1) Plastic Cups

2) Jello

3) Whipped Cream

4) Blue Food Coloring

Craft: Handprint Art

1) Any Paper

2) Red and Blue Paint

3) Black Marker


Dress Up: Wear Silly Socks. Colored, mismatched, socks on your hands, whatever your pleasure.

Treat: Decorate Sock Shaped Pancakes

1) Whatever you use to make pancakes

2) Toppings of your choice, fruit, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, sprinkles etc.

Craft: Fox Puppet

1) Brown Paper Bag

2) Construction Paper

3) Markers

4) Scissors + Glue

*This article may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Affiliate, I may earn from qualifying purchases.

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