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Planning for March

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Did you go through your calendar in January and write down (or input in your phone) family activities you want to accomplish each month of the year? So you aren't scrambling at the last minute to buy some green Jello and digging through the laundry for the kids' green shirts the night before St. Patrick's Day. If not, read here about what I do. It's not too late. (I'm hoping by next year to have a planner designed with one page per month that has places for various goals for the month like family activities and household improvements.)

February is almost over, so it's time to look at what's around the corner in March. For my March list, I wrote that I wanted to:

1) Make a leprechaun trap with the kids again. This is in addition to my usual St. Patty's day food and décor, which I don't need to write down because that is not something that will slip my mind. 2) Have a backyard campout. So, I will be consulting my dad on creating a new leprechaun trap design and buying smores supplies to have on hand for when the weather is appropriate.

There were three things I thought of recently that I want to add. First, D1 wants to turn the Valentine's tree to a St. Patty's Day tree. (I may have unknowingly started an all year tree.) Second, I want to add a Dr. Seuss celebration for March 2nd, National Read Across America Day. I might even do an entire Dr. Seuss week, stay tuned. Third, I want to do something to mark the first day of spring. It will either involve gardening and crafting, or possibly a trip somewhere...still mulling it over.

Now is the time for me to include these things on my list, do any online research, and buy materials. Usually, I will spend a week or so perusing materials waiting for free shipping days or sales on what I want. I wouldn't say I'm a frugal person, but I like a deal and I don't have unlimited funds. You may notice almost all my activities are inexpensive. Look for articles on the traps, tree, spring and Dr. Seuss themed treats and crafts very soon. Subscribe so you don't forget!

What are the things your family will be doing in March? Taking some time to plan makes activities easier and less stressful when you prepare ahead of time. And, filling the down time that kids have at home right now can really ease up some tension and boost people's moods.

**If you really don't have a lot time, remember kids could care less if they have store bought shamrock cookies or cupcakes you baked yourself. Never feel bad about something like that. Kids love when anything is "special" or out of the normal routine. If your small bits of extra time are better spent relaxing for your mental health by all means do that for your kids!!!

Happy Planning!

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