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St. Patrick's Day Tree

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You may remember my post about turning our artificial Christmas tree into a Valentine's Day tree. If not, you can read here. At the time, I wasn't ready to put it away, and the kids were thrilled with the idea of a love themed tree.💕

This is what is ended up looking like.

Well by March, I was ready to put it away to make some space, but the little dragons were not ok with that. They were certain we needed a St. Patrick's Day Tree. Here's how we did it inexpensively and made it a project for them.

Fruit Loop Garland

First, we made Fruit Loop garlands. Ideally, I think garland is one long string you wrap around the tree, but I wanted them each to have their own. So we improvised with shorter strings, and I just wrapped each one around the tree individually and tied them in the back. You may have noticed the fruit loop necklace on the top of the Valentine's tree. My son in TK (Dragon 2) made that for his 100th day of school and that's where I got the inspiration for the garland! The rainbow 🌈 colors seemed perfect for this holiday.

Anyway, all you need is string cut to whatever size will work for your tree, and a box of Fruit Loops. I did tape one end of the string to the table while they were putting on the fruit loops so the string stayed in place, and cereal didn't slip off all over the floor.

This is a great activity for young kids to work on their fine motor skills. They also feel involved in creating the holiday environment. Plus, they can snack on some as they make it. (My kids love Fruit Loops, and I rarely by it.)

Party Supplies

I also bought a few cheap supplies from I spent around $10. I bought the hat as a topper, 5 tinsel shamrocks and a pack of paper shamrocks. Dragon 2 volunteered to punch holes in the shamrocks (with adult supervision so he didn't cut or pinch one of his little fingers.) This was a great activity for strengthening his hands. I tied a Loop with gold ribbon to hang it on the tree. The ribbon was one of the few supplies I didn't have on hand.

Gold Ornaments and Lucky Horseshoes

I also dug out gold Christmas ball ornaments, which of course, is totally free.

I thought that would be it for the decorations but I realized it needed something. I decided on lucky horseshoes. Here is a free template for kids to color and cut. I printed mine on cardstock so it will hold up a little better. If your kids ask you why horseshoes are lucky (or maybe its only me who didn't know) read here.

Tada...St. Patrick's Day Tree for less than $20. Like I said about the Valentine's Tree, it is not sophisticated décor. It's a kid-friendly, festive, mood-booster in the house during a pandemic. ☘ As the month goes on and the kids do more lucky themed crafts, the decorations will grow. I plan on doing this pot of gold paper plate craft with the kids soon, and we will hang them om the tree. If you wanted to do lights, these are cute and look like a good deal.

Have a happy and lucky St. Patrick's Day!

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