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Valentine's Popcorn Bar

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

We had a movie night for Valentine's Day weekend with a popcorn bar. I've seen uber cute Valentine's premixed popcorn concoctions, but each of my kids like different things (and my one year old can't eat popcorn) so they each made their own mixes. They love any treats but they really love treats with choices!

Here's what we used...

Air Popped Popcorn

We don't eat microwaved popcorn because the chemicals that line microwave popcorn bags are pretty suspect and apparently the popcorn items usually have unnecessary additives. Not that this is a particularly healthy treat but I try to cut back on chemicals where I easily can. If you don't have an air popper check this one out. You could also make it on the stovetop.


Raisins are totally healthy for kids in moderate amounts! I happen to have some for the King Cake I'm making. But, what's healthier and red? Goji berries!! Next time, I will probably go with those. For information on goji berries click here. and to learn how tp grown your own, read here. (To purchase, click here.) Dried strawberries would also probably be good too! Oh, I added one small bag of heart gummy candies with these that D2 received from his teacher.


I don't often feed my kids cereal for breakfast. Occasionally they have it dry for a snack or treat. So, sometimes I have it on hand, sometimes not. Almost always I buy some type of organic low sugar O cereal for baby dragon to snack on. Today, I happened to only have Life Cereal my husband had wanted for dessert one night. This made the base of the baby dragon's snack mix since popcorn is a choking hazard at his age. I'm sure Foodbabe would take issue with this but there's 25 grams of whole grains and iron...not too terrible for a dessert. Here's the cereal I like to buy.

Conversation Hearts

Is it even Valentine's Weekend without conversation hearts. Nope. I almost broke out the sour patch conversation hearts I bought the kids for their V-day bags, but they come in such a cute container I want them to see, so I held back.


I used two types of pretzels. I had peanut butter filled pretzels and I happened to have bag of X and O Valentines themed pretzels from D2's teacher.

Melted Chocolate

My six year old LOVES chocolate. He pretty much just ate chocolate covered popcorn and a couple pieces of candy and he was still THRILLED. It was little messy even though I used the chocolate that is supposed to harden, so have wipes handy if you use this. For a less messy chocolate, try Valentine's M&Ms.

Pink Sprinkles

If you read my article about my Mardi Gras, you may have saw the sprinkles I recommended. Well in addition to the 3 Mardi Gras colors, there was pink! Perfect for Valentines. Although, my boys don't care the color. They love all sprinkles equally! Check out the sprinkles here.

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