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Baby's First Christmas Tree Keepsake

Christmas is always a special time with kids, but a baby's first Christmas is always extra special. The little ones get to see brightly colored Christmas lights, smell a pine tree, tear into wrapping paper, and maybe get a lick of a candy cane all for the very first time. (At least mine did since they were all over 6 months old.) I am obsessed with taking every holiday snap of my kids I can get, but even more so when they are little babies. But I also like to have tangible keepsakes, and what better than a piece of their first Christmas tree! Its unique, but oh so easy. And, its something you can pass down to your children without worrying about fragile material breaking.

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All my husband and I did was cut off a piece (.5 to 1 inch thick) of the end of our Christmas tree, each time we had a newborn. Then I labeled it with the baby's name and year with a permanent marker. Right now I have these on display on our mantel, but they can also be made into ornaments by either hot gluing a loop of ribbon to the back or drilling a hole for ribbon.

Another great thing about the ornament is that you can do it before putting your tree up or taking down. So, if you haven't done it this year there is still time! You may also want to put some type of wood preservative on it. I didn't, but if anyone has any advice on that let me know!

Merry Christmas,

Dragon Mama


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