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Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Sometimes going to school for the first time, or the first time in a long time, can be a mix of emotions from exciting to scary. It's great to get kids talking about what to expect in class, the bathroom, the cafeteria and the playground. You should talk to them about things like safety, making friends, learning, and respecting the teacher, but also listen and learn their feelings about school. Books can be a great way to have all these conversations. They can be read before school to prepare or even when school has already begun. I know sometimes kids are so excited to start school on the first day that they walk right in with a wave and do not look back. Then a few days later when some of the work is less "fun" and the day seems longer, they may struggle a little. I hope these book recommendations help your family with anything your children are experiencing from separation anxiety to mask wearing to making mistakes to bullying.

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Have a Safe and Healthy School Year!

Dragon Mama

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3 comentarios

I love reading themed books with my kids. These are great recommendations! We have read a few of them. Can't wait to check out the others.

Me gusta

12 ago 2021

I'm so happy I came across this blog post. My son starts in class room learning this fall and I'm sure there's gonna be some anxiety there. We will be spending the next few weeks reading through these books. Wonderful selection!

Me gusta

These are great! I want the ones that focus on mask wearing I love it!

Me gusta
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