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Feeling Unproductive?

I have heard so many moms say things like, "I was so unproductive today. I didn't get anything done!" Or, I've heard others calling themselves "lazy moms." A lazy mom is an oxymoron. If you are fulfilling basic mom duties to keep a child fed, clothed and relatively clean, you aren't lazy! Usually, moms consider themselves unproductive if they didn't get beyond the basic maintenance of everyday. But just getting through the day at a minimum level requires A LOT of work!

If you are feeling like this at the end of the day, write down everything you have done since waking up. You likely got small people dressed in clothes that you probably purchased for them, washed and put away previously. (Although if you kept your kids in pajamas, there's nothing wrong with that! My middle son loves to "stay cozy" on the weekends.) You may have had to help in teeth brushing or hair styling. And you may have gotten guff about it while doing it. You probably provided kids with food for their bellies. It might even haven been a different meal for each kid. Bonus points if you cleared the table! Then, you may have set the kids up to sign them on to zoom, found all the materials they needed, occupied a toddler, etc. Theres probably four or five things on your list that happened before 8:30am that already sounds like a great deal of work. Don't forget to include all the messes you had to clean up, tears you had to wipe, and homework you had to check.

So, if you didn't get a chance to do that extra load of laundry, or organize a drawer in the kitchen you have been wanting to get to, look at your list. You had a full day. If your kids are nice and warm in their bed in clean pajamas, having eaten dinner on clean plates, felt protected and loved, you have accomplished alot.

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