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Healthy Earth Day Snack

Updated: Mar 7

I posted this idea on the Dragon Mama Facebook already, (make sure you are following) but I decided to include instructions on the blog so followers can pin for next year 😀 We had this for breakfast on Earth Day but it makes a great snack too! This could also be a great treat during times the kids are learning about oceans or continents.


Whole Wheat English Muffins

Whipped Cream Cheese

Food Coloring. Either blue and green or blue and yellow.

I recently started using natural food coloring made of plants veggies and seeds. It comes in three colors that you can mix to make many more colors. They are each a powder that comes in a resealable bag.


1. Toast English Muffin

2. Combine a tablespoon or two of cream cheese (depending on how many English muffins you are making) with blue food coloring.

3. Spread the blue mixture on the English Muffin.

4. Now mix a tablespoon or two of cream cheese with green food coloring. Or, to use

the same bowl, just add some more cream cheese and little yellow food coloring.

5. Next, comes your own art. I tried to make North America and Africa on one. I made South America on another. Make any part of the globe you like. I used the tip of a sharp knife to create the continents. If you have cake decorating tools, you may have something better to work with.

6. Use plain cream cheese for the Artic Circle and Antarctica on the top and bottom.

Bon Appetit! and Happy Earth Day!

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