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Lime Icebox Cake with Mango

Cinco De Mayo is coming up and you have to try this recipe! I was researching desserts traditionally eaten in Mexico, and I came across several recipes for Lime Icebox Cake. I LOVE icebox cakes because there is no cooking!! They are perfect for spring and summer because you do not have to turn the oven on and get to enjoy a sweet cold treat.

I found a lot of recipes for traditional lime icebox cake with Marias cookies. (More on Marias cookies below.) I wanted to add something a little different to make it my own but still keeping its simplicity, and mangos immediately came to my mind. Mango goes with lime, we always keep frozen mangos on hand for the kids and the yellow would bring some color to the dish. So came to life Mango Lime Icebox Cake.

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Again this cake is very easy. Even young kids can make it with minimal help. Kids will love layering the Marias cookies with lime mixture! If you haven't had Marias cookies before (neither had I until I made this,) they are simple cookies that remind me of a cross between Nila wafers and graham crackers. They should have them at most grocery stores wear I live in California, but just in case you can't find them - here they are on Amazon.

Also keep in mind, this cake has more of a flan texture than icebox cakes made with whipped cream. **You could also cut the sugar in this dish by buying sugar free Marias cookies and sugar free condensed milk.


6-7 limes (3/4 cup of lime juice)

1 Sleeve of Marias cookies (7 ounces)

1 can of condensed milk

1 can of evaporated milk

1 cup of cubed frozen mangos.


  1. Juice approximately 6-7 limes to make 3/4 of a cup of lime juice.

  2. Blend lime juice with evaporated milk and condensed milk. (I used a magic bullet and I had to do it two batches because it was not big enough to hold all the liquid)

  3. Blend a cup of defrosted frozen cubed mangos into puree. If there is any juice in the bowl you are defrosting the mangos in, dump it before making the purée. We really don't want any extra fluid.

  4. Start your layering! Start with a thin layer of the lime mix in an 8x8 pan. Lay out first layer of cookies. You can fill in the gaps with 1/4 cookie pieces if you like. I had quiet a few broken cookies which are good for filling in spaces.

  5. Spread another layer of lime mix, and then spread a thin layer of the Mango mixture.

  6. Finally add another layer of cookies and top with the remaining lime mixture.

  7. If you want to add some flair to the top, grate a little lime zest and place some thin slivers of lime.

  8. Refrigerate for at least two hours. I refrigerated overnight.

Need some ideas for your Cinco De Mayo dinner? My husband and kids make an excellent smoked salsa, and the marinate on their Carne Asada tacos are pairs with it perfectly. Check out their channel 4DudesBBQ.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


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Fatima D Torres
Fatima D Torres

There's nothing like an icebox cake. I love making them with the kids.


Hege Rebecca Lindstrøm
Hege Rebecca Lindstrøm

This looks really good. I have to try it


Kim Manzo
Kim Manzo

This sounds so yummy!

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