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Spring Fun List - Free Printable!

Spring is almost here!!! The warm sun accompanying a cool breeze. The smell of freshly cut grass and birds chirping. Kids playing t-ball. Hula hoops and jump rope. A new baseball season. Refreshing desserts. Crisp spring vegetables. So much NEW to look forward to.

Two summers ago, I was worried the kids were going to get tired of being home after baby dragon was just born. And, by that I mean not going on a big summer vacation or going to a theme park. BOY did I not foresee what ACTUALLY staying home looked like. Anyway, I made a Summer Fun List on a poster board in the living room. Basically, it was things for them to get excited about that were do-able with a recovering mom and newborn baby and be excited to check off their list. They even contributed ideas to the board and once it was on the wall I knew mommy wouldn't forget anything. I decided this would be a great idea for this Spring. Here is our Spring Fun List, and I made it a PDF in case you want to use it too!


Dragon Mama Spring Fun List
Download PDF • 258KB

All of these things should be able to be done safely during the pandemic, but if you want to change up the list, have a family meeting and brainstorm some ideas that suit your family!

Of course, throughout the Spring I will have articles which make doing these things easier like recipes, gardening tips and more!

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