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Summer Craft for Shark Week - Popsicle Stick Shark Mouth

Updated: Jul 17

It's Shark Week! If you aren't familiar with Shark Week, it's basically just a week of programming that Discovery Channel does annually. It's pretty awesome and educational. My kids love sharks. In fact, my 6 year old had a shark themed birthday just last month. (Did you know that sharks were here before dinosaurs!) Shark week comes at a perfect time too; towards the end of summer break where moms need some exciting weekday activities for kids. I have a simple craft to share that involves minimal preparation, is simple yet engaging, and is composed of items you likely already have at home! (If you have craft popsicle sticks, check out these summer crafts too - Olympic Torch, Seashell Frame.) For another really creative shark craft, check out's Shark Week Paper Craft.

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Of course, to incorporate a little education to accompany this shark mouth craft, here's a PBS Kids video about Shark Teeth.


1. 1 piece of red construction paper or cardstock.

2. 1 piece of white paper

3. 4 large craft popsicle sticks

4. Grey paint (We mixed black and white to make a very dark grey.)

5. Glue of Choice

6. Scissors

7. Black Marker

(Optional - A piece of blue construction paper.)


1. Paint your popsicle sticks grey. (Or black, or blue or coloring of your choosing.) Let dry.

2. Glue your popsicle sticks in a diamond shape.

3. Draw teeth on the white paper. I did this for the kids, so the teeth would be relatively the same size. I folded the paper in half and drew them along the fold to get double the teeth when you cut them out.

4. Cut out the teeth, and glue them onto the back (unpainted) side of mouth.

5. Trace the outside of the diamond onto a red sheet of paper, and cut out the diamond shape.

6. Glue the red diamond to back of the popsicle sticks.

7. Draw eyes. Cut out and glue them to the top on front side of the mouth. (You can put them on the left and right corners to make it look like a Hammerhead too!)

8. We glued ours to a blue sheet of construction paper and the kids put a few stickers on. But, I'm sure there are a multitude of creative things to do with the shark mouths.

Some other activities we are planning to do this week:

Excavate a shark tooth!

Build a Lego shark!

Happy Shark Week!

Dragon Mama

Thanks for Sharing!

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