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Alternatives to Traditional Easter Baskets

Traditional Easter baskets can be very cute; furry bunnies, fuzzy chicks, and little lambs are darling for little ones. Character buckets can also be equally adorable. We have a mickey basket similar to this one that my little ones have used for egg hunts as well as for trick or treating. However, as the kids grow, sometimes we want to do something a little different and use "baskets" that can be used more than one day. If you are looking to get a little creative this year, I have compiled a list below of "out of the basket" ideas.

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If you live in an area where it is still raining, a new umbrella, placed upside down is a cute way to store gifts. Rainboots, likewise.

If the rain has passed and the sun is shining, sand buckets are fun containers. I have used sand buckets and they have gotten plenty of use! They also work well for egg hunts. The buckets linked below actually collapse for easy storage in beach bags. Which brings me to the next items, swim bags!

Another decorative but useful "basket" is a helmet. My kids were tickled when they found the Easter bunny had left them bicycle helmets that looked like dinosaur heads. And, since its baseball season, a new baseball helmet would be a good idea as well.

Another item I have personally used is a dump truck. But other toy vehicles would work as well, especially a ride on with under seat storage.

Idea # 5 - toy containers; they can be colorful, cute and useful. There are even Easter ones which can later be used to store Easter items and décor during the year. Right now, at home, we need more Lego storage so I am considered the blue block I linked below.

Outdoor toys are also effective containers that will be used time and time again, especially with warm weather on the horizon.

Finally, if you are one who really likes to "over-do-it" and need quite a bit of space to hold your child's Easter gifts, check out these ideas below.


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