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Easter Gift Ideas for Toddlers - 2023

Updated: Jan 18

We have been inundated with candy this year. Oh my goodness! Every holiday and every classmates' birthday we are getting bags and bags of treats! I told myself even though the Easter treats are uber-cute, I am putting a max of 3 in the baskets for my little guys. As you have probably read in my previous articles, I also hate spending money on junk toys. I am very intentional in my gifting and I have been scouring Amazon for what I think will be durable, cost efficient and benefit my kids the most. I decided I really wanted colorful, fun and educational this year. These are my toddler picks and I hope they help you find some things your little one will love too!

*This article contains Amazon Affiliate links, meaning DM may earn a small commission on purchases. I personally chose every one of these links with no influence from others.

**Disclaimer- check each item and make sure it is age appropriate for your toddler.


Dragon Mama

P.s. For more ideas, check out Alternatives to Easter Baskets!

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