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Father's Day Footprint Gift

If you read my blog regularly, you know I love hand and footprint art. Little hands and feet are just soo cute. If your children's father/grandfather/uncle loves golf, this one is for you! (If not, another hand/footprint set I have done for my husband can be found here.) One reason I decided on this art is it worked very well for 3 kids. Each foot represented a different part of the golf course that are different colors- sand, grass, water. If you have more than 3 kids you could do multiple putting greens or ponds etc. Or, you can do a fairway one color green and the putting green another shade green. There are so many options! I also really enjoyed writing the play on words. You know, like the "hole" world and "tee-rrrific" haha. We gave this to my husband for his last birthday, but I think it would work well for Father's Day.

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For three footprints I used a 9x12 sheet of drawing paper. If you have 4 you may be able to squeeze 4 little feet in, otherwise I suggest a larger canvas, maybe 11x14.


I usually use this paint with the kids. I mixed colors to get a sandy color, but you can find a peach color here. (Both of these claim to be non-toxic, but of course, do your research before purchasing.) As for brushes, I like these.

Red and Black Markers, Scissors, Glue.


I know the directions are pretty obvious but here are a couple tips. I had each kid do their footprint on a separate piece of paper. Then cut them individually out and glued them to the main paper. You don't want to have a sheet with two nice footprints and then the third doesn't come out well and you have to start all over. My final tip in regards to the prints is to brush on a little too much paint at first, then gently do one practice print. And, then there will be the perfect amount of paint for the actual print.

The last thing to do is draw the flag and the writing. Never do the writing on the sheet and then try to do the prints. There is too much room for error there. Feel free to copy down the phrases I used: "Fore: The most tee-rrific Daddy in the hole world," Or, come up with your own! If you think of anything good, let me know in the comments!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable Father's Day. I know I am looking forward to a fun day with family when school is out! For other Father's day gift ideas, read here.

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