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Father's Day Gift Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of

It's that time of year again. Time to celebrate all the father figures in our lives. I was lucky to have a great father growing up who went above and beyond, and who is very involved in the lives of my kids. And, of course, my husband who has surpassed any expectations I could have had for the father of my children. I know we all want to find something unique and thoughtful but also useful or fun. If you haven't found something for your father, husband, brother, uncle or friend, check out these ideas below.

This article contains Affiliate links from Amazon. All recommendations are 100% chosen by me. I may receive a small commission from purchases at no cost to reader. Your privacy is valued and we are not given any information on purchasers.


I don't claim to know a thing about fitness or strength training, but apparently these light-weight portable pieces of equipment can work out your entire body. What I do know is that my husband has these dip bars, and anytime any male adult sees or hears that he has them, they want some too!


So barbecuing...another thing I don't know much about. But, my husband does and he really likes this Ink Bird Thermometers with 4 probes. According to him, the 4 probes are beneficial because you can cook more than one piece of meat and keep track of their internal temperature in addition to the temperature of the grill. You can monitor the temperature from the nice cool air conditioning of your house from an app on your phone.


I have given various subscription boxes as holiday gifts before and everyone seems to enjoy them. They are the gift that keeps on giving...literally every month! I linked a popular subscription box with 7 Keto snacks included each month from Bunny James.


This next gift is great for men who like to camp. Coleman claims this cooler keeps food and drinks cold for up to 5 days! What?!? No running to the camp store for ice twice a day! By the way it holds up to 100 cans.


All the kids have one. Why not dad too? Get dad a hoverboard to join the kids in some outdoor fun!


Speaking of joining the kids in a project...maybe dad would like to build a fort with the kids on Father's Day. Besides being a STEM activity, it encourages team work and relationship building.


Finally, I don't know anyone who hasn't needed these a time a two. Flashlight gloves! So you can have both hands available to work instead of having to hold a light. Genius. I can't tell you how many times my husband or I has asked the other to hold a flashlight while we work on something.

I hope you found something here for that special person in your life, or at least sparked an idea in your head. If you want to browse more ideas on Amazon, take a look here. I hope everyone has a joyous and safe Father's Day and all dads feel the love.

Dragon Mama

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