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Quality Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids (Over 50 ideas for kids 0 to 10)

If I'm going to spend any money, I want to make it count. I am not a fan of buying trinkets that are going to get broken and thrown away in a week's time. This is true of stocking stuffers as well. I believe all these choices are quality items that will last a significant amount of time. Many are useful items as well like snack cups and water bottles. All of these should fit a standard stocking, although some may have to be removed from their packaging. (But, no guarantees on this.) None of these items are super expensive but if you are being budget-minded after spending on bigger gifts, a great idea is to pick one or two things, and supplement them with well made items from stores like Target and the Dollar Tree. For example, I love Crayola Twistables because they don't break in half like regular crayons. The crayon lip balm is super cute, and necessary for winter too. I could supplement that with Dollar Tree items that are usually the same quality as other stores like coloring books or glitter. And, of course, I always sprinkle in a little candy or their favorite snacks. I separated these items generally by age but please check the age recommendations on each product. I hope you find these suggestions useful, even if they just spark other ideas in your mind.

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*Please note these crayons have honey, so best for ages 1+.



Happy Holidays!

Dragon Mama

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