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Apple Stamping Art, 3 Ways

I was feeling like I haven't done anything creative with the kids this week and my 2 year old has been asking me to paint after he got to paint a birdhouse at my parents. So, I decided this week was perfect for apple stamp painting, especially since it was Johnny Appleseed Day a few days ago. All of these stamping activities were super easy and I did not have to buy any materials. ( I did improvise a little because we did not have yellow. We used a peachy orange.) All you need is apples, fall paint colors and paper. You can use a paintbrush or markers too, if you like. For all those concerned, I used apples that had gone a little soft so there was no food waste!

The pictures are pretty self explanatory. We used apples to make a fall tree, an apple tree and a pumpkin patch. (There are tutorials for basic apple and apple-pumpkin painting by other bloggers linked in this article on Fall Books and Activities.) Apple stamping is great for all ages. The fall tree was easiest for my very zealous 2 year old. The more delicate stamping was done by my 5 and 7 year old.

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(This picture is a little darker because my oldest couldn't put his faces on until the orange paint dried...and it was later.)

Happy Fall

Dragon Mama


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