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Easter Learning Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers, Uppercase/Lowercase Letters, Free Printable

I try to do as many learning activities with my kids as I can. With my two year old being home all day with me while the other kids are at school, we have been doing a lot of alphabet activities. (I haven't shared these type of activities much, but this is a holiday activity, and you know I love all things holiday!) Baby Dragon can already identify all of the uppercase letters and many of their sounds. Now we are working on recognizing lowercase letters (of which he knows about half.) I saw a similar DIY Easter activity on a preschool board and I thought it was brilliant; so, I came up with my own version.

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First, I created a printable with lowercase letters written on Easter eggs. Then, I handed my son a bucket of plastic Easter eggs which each had a capital letter puzzle piece inside. (Ok, actually two did not fit inside...M and W. I just tossed those in bucket haha.) Then I told him we were playing a game where he had to open the egg, take out the puzzle piece and find its partner. This is the puzzle we used, but I'm sure there are several out there that will work. (Of course, check the age appropriateness for your child in terms of choking hazards. You can always buy larger eggs if you have large puzzle pieces.) My son was so excited to find out which letter was in each egg. And, because he didn't know all of his lowercase letters the activity kept his interest and was challenging for him. We actually played two times in a row the first day we played. One week later, he has learned a majority of lowercase letters! We have also played where we hide the eggs first, which adds an additional layer of fun. (A book I love that helps kids recognize that there are upper and lowercase letters is Dr. Seuss's ABC book.

Below is a free printable of the lowercase abc sheet that I made. My printer is running out of ink so the colors are a little skewed, but it should print fine on your printers at home. If you have a laminator that would be awesome too. I know my kids continue hiding eggs for each other weeks after Easter, so this activity should be fun for a while!

abc eggs
Download PDF • 45KB

Happy Easter,

Dragon Mama

Thank you for sharing!

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