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Family Activities for St. Patrick's Day

Updated: Jan 24

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I know many families with young kids, like mine, are trying to make all the little holidays this year special to break up the everyday "same old, same old" routine of being home during the pandemic. Here are some ways to get your kids excited about St. Patrick's Day with family activities.


Get out the green decorations or make your own. You may have seen my kids decorated a St. Patrick's Day Tree. If not, here's a picture below and you can read about it here.


Get started by reading How to Catch a Leprechaun a week or so before St. Patrick's Day. It's a short story about a mischievous little leprechaun who can't be caught, except maybe by a brilliant child who builds a brilliant trap.

I was introduced to this book when my oldest was in Kindergarten last year, and they had a neat STEM assignment - build a leprechaun trap. The kids really enjoyed this activity, even though they weren't too sure if leprechauns were real. I told them I had never seen one, but they were thrilled to build a trap anyway, and they set it out the night before St. Patrick's Day. I've also heard of teachers making the classroom a mess the morning of St. Patrick's Day, as if a trouble making leprechaun had visited. In our house, we didn't catch a leprechaun, but the kids did find some gold coins on the trap!

Build a Leprechaun Trap

This is the leprechaun trap we made last year.

Lucky for me, my dad (a contractor) was able to help the kids construct this trap. But, its really quite simple.


  1. Any size box

  2. Green paint and "lucky décor"

  3. Clear plastic cup

  4. Small medicine cup

  5. 1 quarter

  6. 2 feet of 1x1inch wood (cut into 10 inch, and 7 inch pieces.)

  7. 1/4 inch wood 4x4

  8. 1 small hook like this, I think these might work also

  9. Box of Lucky Charms

  10. String/Thread - 16 inches

  11. Wood Glue


  1. Paint a box (any size you like) green.

  2. Decorate with shamrocks or other "lucky" items.

  3. Cut the 1x1 piece of wood into a 10 inch piece and a 7 inch piece.

  4. Glue the 7 inch piece to one end of the 10 inch piece. The 10 inch piece should be vertical and the 7 inch piece horizontal. Do not line up the edges of the wood to make a perfecf L shape. Glue at about 1.5 inches in on the 7 inch piece. See diagram below.

  5. Glue the exposed end of the 10in piece to the 4x4 base piece. Do not glue directly in center. Move it back just a bit.

  6. Glue the base to the box.

  7. Attach small hook to the 7 inch piece on the bottom side.

  8. Cut a small hole in the bottom of the plastic cup.

  9. String the thread through the hook and then through the plastic cup. Tie a big knot inside the cup so the string doesn't slip through. Lay the other end of the string on the box.

  10. Place medicine cup with 1 quarter in the bottom so it keeps the string down. Put Lucky Charms on top.

  11. You can place a lucky charms trail to lead the leprechaun to the bait in the medicine cup.

  12. When the leprechaun lifts the medicine cup filled with Lucky Charms, the plastic cup should fall on him...unless he's a very clever and sneaky one!

  13. We added a little toy ladder we had, so the leprechaun could climb up :)

If this trap doesn't tickle your fancy, check out this book with all types of different leprechaun traps.

Green Scavenger Hunt

Recently, my son in TK had a "Green Scavenger Hunt." The kids had a lot of fun running around the house and finding green items. These are the items they found below.

*Something green that is hard

*Something green that is soft

*Something green you build with

*A green animal

*A green fruit

*A green snack food

*Something you play with that is green

*Something that grows green

*Something you color with that is green

*Something you wear that is green

St. Patrick's Day Bingo

My kids love Bingo. I think it runs in my family actually. You can play Bingo in so many different ways. Get 5 across, Make an X, Blackout...etc. You can also play candy or popcorn bingo. Cover each space with a treat and eat the treat when your space is called out. Bingo is also a great game because you can play with friends on zoom! has a free printable St. Patty's Day Bingo here. Or, you can purchase a large pack here.

Make Green Slime

I'll be perfectly honest here. I don't like slime much at all. Its gross and messy and I feel like germs stick to it. I'm just not into it. So, it's safe to say we only do slime here on certain occasions. We made Oobleck last summer, but besides that we've only had some store bought this fall and winter. And, usually I send it with my kids when they go to my parent's house...haha. But, St. Patrick's Day may just be the occasion we make some slime, the glittery green does kind of appeal to me. Check out the video on making St. Patrick's Day slime below. If you need containers to save your slime click here. **Always monitor small children with slime, especially if there are small pieces in it**

Of course, what is a holiday without treats right? Stay tuned for an article on St. Patrick's Day treats including a healthy breakfast that will insight some big WOWs from your wee little ones.

Have a Happy and Lucky St. Patrick's Day, and don't forget to pin these ideas for next year!

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