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Family Easter Activities

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Easter is a great holiday for the family to do some activities together. Instead of a "hustle and bustle" holiday, there tends to be some down time where the family can enjoy time together. If you are able to do outdoor activities, I've listed a few that are popular with kids of all ages! I also included some indoor activities in case the weather isn't ideal or you are staying home this year.


How often do kids get to do potato sack races anymore? Mine never have. So, this year we are going to try it! If you have a long enough safe, grassy area this can be a great time!


Spoon races are perfect for Easter because you can use an Easter egg! Spoon races build balancing skills, give kids exercise and are fun!


When was the last time you hula hooped? A parents vs kids hula hoop competition sounds like a good time to me! What about jump romping? Do you remember all the jump rope songs from when you were a kid? A family jump rope session would be fun for adults and kids alike.


Bubbles can be so much fun, especially for toddlers! A sea of tiny floating bubbles make for such a fun whimsical experience for all. But if you have a slightly older kid, giant bubbles might triple the fun!


One thing my kids love to play every Easter is cornhole. If you don't have one, these Easter bean bag toss games are the next best thing!


Like most, we had our first stay-at-home Easter last year. I was so worried the kids would be less than thrilled with just an Easter egg hunt. So, one activity we added for the day was including the kids in making the dessert for our Easter meal. My two oldest sons were 3 and 5 so we knew it needed to be simple, but delicious. We made strawberry pizza with a recipe in my sons' Highlights magazine. Find the recipe here.


Some indoor activities that are fun for all ages are BINGO and board games. These Easter themed games are especially cute. Make sure to have prizes for the winners!


Finally, since you know the importance of STEM activities, I've listed some sites with Easter experiments! Happy Easter, I hope everyone has a grand time together!

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