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Fun Socks Friday

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It's Fri-yay time. Fox in Socks is a cute, silly "book of tongue tanglers." If the book isn't in your collection yet, it is really inexpensive. Buy it on Amazon here. As always, I've included a read aloud link below :)

Dress Up: Wear silly socks. Now is the time to wear some of those socks that don't have a match! Or, wear one long sock and one short sock. Or, wear socks on your hands! Can you sew like Sue and sew your own socks? Also, I noticed a few stores have Dr. Seuss themed socks. Check these out.

Treat: Sock Pancakes. This is a really simple treat that you can serve for breakfast or dessert. Just shape your pancake into the best sock you can make. Remember, this is Dr. only has to resemble a sock. Whimsical socks are great! Then, let the kids decorate. If it's for breakfast you can give them fruit to decorate or for dessert chocolate and sprinkles. Or a combination of both! Below is a before and after "pancake sock" my family worked on just for practice. We have a pancake pen that makes making shapes a bit easier. Click here to see one on Amazon.

Craft: Make a paper bag Fox in Socks Puppet.

has a really cute one. If you don't have the right colored cardstock, just have the kids color it in. If you have construction paper, just trace the template on it and cut it out. The above link in orange gives you all the supplies and steps necessary to make the paper bag pictured below. Happy crafting!

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