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Healthy St. Patrick's Day Breakfast Board

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

All different types of charcuterie boards are the new thing right? Perfectly presented food arrays, usually with a theme. Well, mine isn't perfect (especially since I didn't have a board big enough for this meal,) but it was the perfect, fun and healthy breakfast for my 6, 4 and almost 2 year old. I had to use a pizza pan today, but if you don't have one either, here are some I have been looking at ----> CHARCUTERIE BOARDS

This was the easiest breakfast to put together. Some kids could probably put a lot of it together themselves! I didn't have to purchase any food that I didn't already have. Would you believe I buy these fruits every week? I take feed the rainbow very literally. I bet if you look through the fruits your kids eat, you could make a rainbow too!

Here's what I used:

  1. Strawberries: I used frozen organic. It was about a dozen, defrosted and cut in half.

  2. Mandarin Oranges: These were from premade fruit cups, and I used 2 cups.

  3. Mangos: Also, frozen organic. I just defrosted one cup and cut the pieces in thirds.

  4. Kiwi: I sliced 2.

  5. Blueberries: I used about a 1/2 cup.

Speaking of rainbows, its the perfect time to teach your kids about rainbows. Check out this video!

Next, I made the clouds. Use whole grain bagels for the healthiest choice. I topped the toasted bagels with whipped cream cheese to give it a fluffy look!

Finally, I added the shamrock waffle. These are so easy to make if you have a heart shaped waffle maker! If you don't have one you can purchase one here. And, then you can make my Waffle Cake too! Just use your favorite waffle recipe (we made ours with whole wheat flour and yogurt,) and add some green! If you like to color naturally, you could use spinach or other deep green veggie. Or, buy natural colors like this.

If you don't have a heart shaped waffle maker you could always use cookie cutters to cut the shape out of waffles or pancakes!

This was just about the right size for my 3 little dudes with nothing leftover. If you have a big family, you might want to make an even bigger one!

Don't forget to pin this article so you remember this idea for next year!

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