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Why you need a Pregnancy Journal

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

If you are pregnant at any stage of your pregnancy, buy a pregnancy journal. Take 5 minutes to write in it per day and you will not regret it. Check out my reasons below.

  1. The Obvious Health Reasons: Pregnancy journals help you keep track of your doctor appointments, have space to write down questions for your doctor, and aid you in tracking your symptoms. There's also usually some quick facts about each stage of pregnancy and sometimes helpful tips for things like heartburn and charlie horses. (Although you most likely you've already googled these things over and and over there.)

  2. Future Pregnancies: This is where your journaling really comes in handy. The information you put in your book will serve you well for future pregnancies. For example, you may have forgotten those tamales on Christmas Eve were not worth the indigestion that followed. Or, how you stumbled upon the fact almonds helped your heartburn. You will be oh so glad you wrote down the reminder to bring a protein bar with you after your glucose test.

  3. Momento For Your Children: If you aren't the type who likes to make lists or you just always have your schedule down in your head, remember this can be a momento to show your children how much love went into the preparation for their arrival. In many journals there are pages for family trees, and areas to explain why you picked your child's name. You can include cute things like photos of your pregnancy test, invitations to the gender reveal party or paint samples for decorating the nursery. I even wrote letters to my children at various points of the pregnancy. Also, if any of your pregnancies end up to be completely torturous like some of mine can remind them how much trouble they caused. (J/k...sorta 😆)

  4. Resource for your children: Now I have all boys, but this could be a nice resource for whoever carries their children. Of course some of the medical advice may be outdated, but seeing the rollercoaster of emotions that are normal in pregnancy may be a comfort for a new mom. Or, how awesome would it be if your daughter or daughter in law asks when did you feel the first kicks? And, you can respond with..."August 3rd 2021, I was drinking ice cold water after a walk,, while the song [insert you song title] was playing on my phone."

  5. Self Care: Your journal can be a form of self-care in a way. One, you are taking a few minutes in your day or night to think about yourself. Check in with yourself and am I feeling? It may be as simple as realizing, "I haven't had much water today, I need to hydrate." Or as deep as, "Actually I am having some depressing thoughts and feeling I need to talk to someone about."

  6. Organization: These books usually include checklists for things like what to register for and what to pack in your hospital bag. Some even have a place to make a list of contacts you want to send birth announcements to. Having everything all in one place is might convenient!

I used 3 different journals for all 3 of my dragons. Some gave writing prompts, some have extra room for pictures, and some have humor. There is no "best" pregnancy journal only the best suited for your tastes. I will make a post of my top choices if the selection online is overwhelming to you. You wouldn't believe how many there are for less than $20.

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