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Top Pregnancy Journals

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

This article contains affiliate links. That means I may earn a small commission on purchases at no cost to the reader. All choices and opinions are my own.

As someone who has journaled three pregnancies, I have looked around at quiet a few options. Check out some options I think are worth your time.

Sophisticated and simple

If you want a minimalist book with sophisticated design this book may be for you. It includes just the basics, but all the basics, like doctor appointment information, places to put ultrasounds and other photos, baby shower details, planning checklists and a place for your birth story. Another pro is there is a matching baby book.

Heirloom Quality Journal

This is a beautifully made journal. If you like to write and really want a space to express your feelings, this is the book for you. There are writing prompts and lots of space to write letters to your little one. One thing to note if that although there are some places for pictures, it is not picture centric.

Informal with light hearted humor

I gave this journal to my sister for her first pregnancy. I chose it because it's a good size to carry around with you in your purse and a good reminder that there is a lot of humor in pregnancy. I know I found looking back at my pregnancy journals pretty humorous. For another plus, it looks like this book is on sale right now!


I found this book on etsy and it is such an elegant book. Notably, there are Bible verses to reflect on and relevant prayers for your stage of pregnancy, but there is also plenty of information too. There is room for pictures and even includes milestone cards for photos! However, I do not know if there are organizational type sections to list doctors appointments or put addresses for baby announcements.

Tried and True

If you ever aren't sure about a baby product, Pearhead is always a good choice for covering all the bases, especially for gifts when you aren't sure about the mother's preferences. I used a Pearhead pregnancy journal for my last pregnancy. Although there wasn't a lot of space for writing letters for baby, which I like to do, I wrote on the inside of the covers.

Where there is a will there is a way! And I really like that you can personalize the cover by inserting your own picture.


This book is a organization freaks dream. 200 pages! Health trackers and lists galore. And, its cute too. I believe it can be personalized to your pregnancy as well, for example, calendars will start with your first month of pregnancy.

The pregnancy book I used for my first pregnancy is hard to find. It had good information because it was made with an OBGYN, it included plenty of tracking tools, (like weight, cravings, symptoms, energy level) and plenty of space for pictures and writing. I did find one on Amazon. Scoop it up before its gone!

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1 Comment

Struggle Shuttle
Struggle Shuttle
Apr 02, 2021

I was not able to have children of my own so I've never been pregnant but I am in awe of the miracle of it! I would definitely track everything! Would be so cool to look back and remember every feeling!

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