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Sports Moms Must Haves

Updated: Mar 8

I have three boys between the ages 2 and 7 (soon to be 3, 6 and 8 this spring.) I am destined to be a sports mom for a while, and I am embracing it. Right now, my oldest is finishing up his soccer season, and he and my middle son are beginning their t-ball/baseball season. (They also do Judo, take swimming lessons in the summers and play tennis and golf with their dad.) It is a lot of work keeping up with their schedules, making sure their gear is always ready for them, entertaining the little one during practices/games etc. Having the right materials helps everything go smoother, add comfort, and some add a little fun too!

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**I am not a medical professional. Always consult with health professionals about products for your kids like sunblock and bug spray.

  1. A shady spot to sit. I usually bring a chair like the one below, and I just bought the umbrella linked below this week. My husband coaches or assistant coaches all the teams we are on right now, so I'm pretty much on my own. But, if it was my husband and I sitting at the games, I really like the double chair with the umbrella linked below. Although my kids have their own chairs, they have been preferring to sit on the ground and play on one of their friends' blankets during soccer games. I need to buy one for baseball and I linked the one I really like below. The main things I was looking for in a blanket is a waterproof bottom in case the ground is wet, and one that easily folds up and I don't have to try and stuff in a bag.

2. A good bag for your essentials, and the essentials - sunblock, water, snacks, etc. (Note- Snacks is such a big topic that I will have en entire article on that.) I just came across the first bag and I thought it was funny because its true, but I also linked some others you might like. I also added the sunblock brand we use, (for more on sunblock read here) and the stainless steel water bottles I bought my sons. There is a similar mom tumbler too! I used my Cricut to put my boys names on their bottles, and they came out super cute! (If you don't have a Cricut yet, I highly recommend it. I am having so much fun personalizing everything, and I think their coaches appreciate their names on their helmets too!) Finally, a little first aid kit and what I carry everywhere - Wet Ones! I probably don't have to explain this but just in case, the kids are playing in the dirt and they want snacks...just grab a wet one!

3. Wardrobe and accessories. I love showing my boys support in all the ways I can so cute shirts and donning their number is a must for me! I cut vinyl for the other soccer moms so we can match haha.

4. Things you might need. If you have sporting events that are all day or all weather, you might need some of these items.

Have fun cheering on your sports players!

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