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Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Both distance teachers and in-person teachers have had to work extra hard this year adjusting to all the COVID restrictions. My kids' teachers are actually doing in-person and online teaching synchronously. I do not envy that! The first week of May is traditionally Teacher Appreciation Week, and what better year to get your childrens' teacher a gift from the heart. You can show you care with handmade items, or unique finds online!


Smart Cookie Pot Holder

I made this gift for my oldest son's preschool teacher a few years ago, and I am going to make these again for my middle son's TK teacher. These pot holders are easy to make and are something the teacher can "hold" on to for years to come. I accompanied mine with cookie mixes but you could freshly bake cookies to make it extra special!

Materials: If you have a Cricut and iron-on heat transfer vinyl all you need is:

1) 1 Pot Holder- if you get one with pockets you can even put the cookie mix or a spoon in the pocket! If you look closely, you may notice I used a quilted potholder. I do not recommend this. It is much hard to transfer the vinyl. Something flat like this would have worked much better.

2) Cricut Design Space. Here is the link to the project on CDS.

If you don't have a Cricut, take a look here. Being able to personalize items on your own is so AWESOME.


Another really easy to make gift but looks really impressive, I found on the Michael's website. You could customize your sign to say anything like, "Thank you for being our favorite teacher!" Or, "Best first grade teacher ever!" For the instructions and supplies you need, read here.

Picture from

DIY Card

Of course, a handmade card is necessary to complete the gift. Handwritten thank you cards are so appreciated and is an art that should not be lost in the next generation. For tips on writing a meaningful thank you note, read here. While you're there take a look around the blog, has great Montessori tips on teaching littles with an eco-friendly focus.


Sometimes, we are just too busy to make something. That doesn't mean your gift can't be special, personalized or unique. Check our these finds from Amazon below.


If your kids are still participating in distance learning, you can still send the teacher a little something to show you care.

Email an e-card

(7 day free trial)

Email an e-gift card

You can also have a gift card sent straight to your teacher's inbox. You can't go wrong with gift cards from places like Amazon, Starbucks or Target.

Of course, you can always have your children make their own cards and artwork, scan it and email it! Or, send a picture of them holding a sign of Thanks!

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