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Toddler Halloween Art

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Four years ago, when I had a three year old and one year old, I made the following canvas with my little dragons. I still hang it up every year. I decided I needed some Halloween foot prints from my two year old, so we had a Toddler Halloween Paint Party with my one year old nephew. (I think I need to glue the paper down again!) Everything you need is listed here!

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For the first piece, you need:

Any 5x7 paper, canvas or piece of wood

Paint (My mom and I watched that the kids did not put paint in their mouth, even though we were using nontoxic paint, but you can make your own edible paint if that makes you feel more comfortable.)

For the purple- I mixed purple + white. And, for the green I mixed green and white.

Paintbrushes (I linked my favorite brushes for toddlers. But they do have paintbrushes that actually hold paint which may also work well for toddlers.)

Permanent Marker


The boys painted the wood purple, and then we let it dry. (While it dried we worked on our sticker wreath, directions below.) After it dried, I used a paintbrush to brush the green on the palm of their hand, and orange on their fingers. I placed their hands flat on the wood. Then I just glued on googly eyes and used a permanent black marker for the rest of the details. You could really get creative here with a 3 eyed monster or add some poms poms or glitter!

For the next piece, I used:

Below you will see the Halloween wreath we made while the purple paint was drying. It's so simple but so satisfying for toddlers. My 2 year old loves stickers (especially Halloween stickers right now,) and they are great fine motor practice. I just cut out the middle of a black paper plate (which was a lot harder to get looking half way decent than I thought,) and then my son applied stickers where he wanted. You may notice all the ghosts are together as well as the skeletons because he decided they were friends. So cute!

Bonus: 2 year old freestyle.

I hope one of these ideas inspires your next Toddler Art Session!


Dragon Mama

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Sep 21, 2022

those feet are my favorite!!


Marysa Nicholson
Marysa Nicholson
Sep 21, 2022

These are such cute ideas! It is fun to celebrate different holidays with some activities like these.


Purple Secretary
Purple Secretary
Sep 20, 2022

OMG! This is cute and funny. We'd love to make our own version of scary smell our feet canvas.

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