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BBQ Father's Day/Birthday Card for Dad

Updated: 2 days ago

If you follow my blog, you know, I love a good creative hand or footprint craft. They just make the best keepsakes! And the kids' hands/feet are always growing, so the more you have, the more you can see their growth. Also, it doesn't hurt that tracing little hands on construction paper, really isn't too hard! If they wiggle you can always do another just as quickly. (If you know an avid golfer, this footprint craft might be another craft you'd like.)

Last year, we did a BBQ theme for my husband's summer birthday. My kids and I made this card. It would work equally well for Father's Day! If the father is your life likes to grill, this may be for you too! We did 3 colors for 3 kids. If you only have 1 child, you can always do just 2 hands with the left and right or 3 of the same hands in different colors. There are so many possibilities here to make it your own.


White Paper or Cardstock

Construction Paper in Red, Orange, Yellow

Black Marker

Glue Stick


  1. Draw BBQ with black marker. I drew ours but the kids could totally have done it.

  2. Trace Hands. Cut.

  3. Fan out and place in whatever way looks aesthetically pleasing to you, and then glue. We did biggest on the bottom and smallest on top.

  4. Write your message.

Happy Crafting!

Here are some fun BBQ gifts to go along with your card!

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