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5 Party Theme Ideas for Dads

Updated: Jun 21

Coming up with themed party ideas for men that are kid friendly can sometimes be a challenge. Personalizing a party and keeping it masculine, while fun for all ages isn't as hard as it sounds. Whether for father's day, a birthday or a father-to-be shower, here a few fun themes that Dads can enjoy with family, friends and all the kids.


The first party I ever threw for my husband was a bowling party. Bowling parties are great because the bowling alley provides everything from decorations to entertainment to food. All I had to do was provide the invitations and dessert. The cupcakes I made are pictured below. They weren't perfect, but I think they have character. I found the directions to these cupcakes in the book Hello Cupcake, which I highly recommend.


For my husband's most recent birthday, the kids and I planned a golf theme at home. I really liked how simple, but fun the décor was. I used silver, white and two shades of green for the theme. At the time, I couldn't find am affordable grass table runner, so I made one with small squares. However, tada! This runner is perfect. There were three main special touches. First, the "Par-Tee" sign provided a great backdrop for pictures. Second, of course, the "Best dad by par" shirt highlighted the guest of honor. (Tip: Buy one size up.) Third, I made chocolate golf ball suckers. They are soo easy to make, and the adults loved them as much as the kids. I made mine half of a ball so it wasn't too much chocolate at once, since we were having a Nothing Bundt Cake as well. But if you want the 3d affect you can use these molds and "glue" the two pieces together with melted chocolate. Finally, check out this great DIY golf gift from the kids.


Since we are on the topic of sports, we may as well move on to our baseball party. This theme was very appropriate because baseball was just starting up after Covid at the time. My boys and I put up baseball décor from party city and had pizza and wings from my husband's favorite - Shakeys. One special touch to this theme was the baseball snack food...Cracker Jacks, peanuts, and candy etc. that we ate while watching The Sandlot. The kids also loved the eye black they got to wear.

Donuts 🍩

What guy doesn't like donuts. And, kids love to have donuts with dad! My husband's work threw him an awesome donut themed baby shower for our third little one. There are so many donut themed gifts for men too! My boys picked out this mug for my husband that he loves. This one is also pretty convenient for donut and coffee lovers.

Movie Night

There's two things you need for movie night: candy and popcorn. You can of course, just pass out some candy and put some popcorn in a bowl or you can be a little extra with just a tiny bit more effort. Consider making a candy cake! I made the one pictured below for my husband the year we got engaged. If you can't have a party without real cake, you can make popcorn cupcakes (also pictured below, but my picture is a little blurry.) has instructions on ridiculously easy popcorn cupcakes, but I think I used the Hello Cupcake book I mentioned earlier for mine.

Now, let's get to the popcorn. I recommend a popcorn bar, or concession stand. My husband and I did a popcorn stand for a school fundraiser and it came out pretty cute if I do say so myself.

I hope maybe you got a little inspiration here or maybe one little thing sparked your imagination and you thought of an ever better idea!

Happy Planning,

Dragon Mama

Thanks for Sharing!

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