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Avengers Party Food

Updated: Jan 12

Last year, we had an Avengers themed party for Baby Dragon's third birthday. Captain America is his favorite Avenger, but he really likes them all. His favorite meal is breakfast, so we did a brunch. The food was definitely my favorite part of this party! But, I also liked that Avenger party supplies are so easy to find inexpensively, and their toys double as decor.

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When you are having a party for young kids, especially toddlers and preschoolers, you have to have fruit. I know some toddler's eat fruit for 50% or MORE of their diet! My mom made a really cool Captain America fruit tray with dip. (I shared the recipe for that at Captain America Fruit Tray.) I also found some Spiderman applesauce pouches. I figured that covered berries, bananas and apples. I also bought some Spiderman yogurt tubes which worked perfect for brunch. (Although my kids will eat them any time of day!)

For the main course, we had Avengers waffles, copycat Starbucks egg white bites, bacon and vegan sausage. We bought the Avengers waffle iron especially for the party but we have used it many times since. It brings a little extra fun to Sunday breakfasts!

Now, dessert following waffles with syrup can be a bit much, so the kids had plenty of active play before the goodies. We had an Avengers obstacle course where the kids had to crawl through webs (rope,) then spray webs (silly string) at Green Goblin, next throw Captain America's shield at Thanos and finally do a Hulk Smash on a punch a prize board. I may do an article on how we put that all together for almost no money at all. Let me know if you are interested. They also hit a pinata later, but the candy was definitely saved for later.

We had three desserts at the party. First, I made the Hulk Heads. These were very simple. I stuck a stick in each of the marshmallows and rolled them in melted green chocolate. Then, I dipped the tops in chocolate and then into chocolate sprinkles.

Next, we had Thor cupcakes. One of the cousin crew is allergic to milk. So, my mom made his dairy free vanilla cupcakes, which I think taste great. Message me if you want to know the recipe she uses. For the hammer, you simply stick a pretzel stick in and spray the marshmallow with silver food coloring spray.

Finally, we had Spiderman donuts! When I saw these at the donut shop, I had to get them! However, I think these could be easily replicated by dipping glazed donuts into melted red frosting, using black gel frosting for the webs, and cutting an Oreo in half and splitting it for the eyes.

This is how I displayed everything very simply, and the kids loved it. As you can see I bought a backdrop and just used toys the kids had as decor.

I hope this party gave you some inspiration for your own Avenger lover's party. Happy Planning!

Dragon Mama

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