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Super Mario Bros Party

Updated: Mar 10

I love planning parties. Its one of my favorite past times. (That and planning vacations!) I don't think my blog has truly reflected that so far. I do have a Pandemic Pokemon Party and Monster Truck Party, but I thought I would share another celebration that I put together for my boys. I enjoy perusing other people's party pictures and getting new creative ideas, so I hope you find something you like. This party was in the middle of the pandemic, just when vaccines were coming out, so the party was a small inexpensive outside bash for all three of my dragons - turning 7, 5 and 2. I think we had 13 people in all. However, any of these ideas can be replicated for a bigger crowd as well.


One thing that I love are photo backdrops with props. The Super Mario Bros Scene Setter did not disappoint. It is inexpensive, fun for the kids and creates great photo memories. Super Mario Bros diorama toys make great centerpieces too.


Obviously, in honor of the Italian plumbers we had pizza. We also had fruit. Baby Dragon loves melon and I fortuitously saw the best Mario fruit art made of melon just weeks before the party. My husband's rendition is pictured below.


For dessert, my mom made Bowser Shell Cupcakes with white chocolate chips for spikes, and Super Star Sugar Cookies with royal icing mini chocolate chips for eyes. (And, what's a party without ice cream too right?)

Obstacle Course

The main entertainment besides the kids playing Nintendo Switch games like Mario Kart was an obstacle course, which the kids completed one at a time. The course had four main components and the kids won a medal at the finish line.

1. Stomp A Goomba. First, the kids had to run a short distance and stomp and pop a goomba made from a balloon and a paper plate cut in two. Yes, that's my best drawing of a goomba face haha.

2. Find a Yoshi Egg, Carry it on a Spoon to the Block

Next, the kids ran to a bucket of Easter eggs and looked for the spotted egg. When they found it they had to carefully carry it on a large spoon to the next station.

3. Get the Coin from the Question Block

Next, the kids had to get the coin from under the yellow block. This was just a small Amazon box I painted myself. You could also use something like this.

4. Throw Mario Into the Pipe.

Lastly, the most challenging part, the kids had to throw a small stuffed Mario in a green pipe. This was just a bucket painted green. I think we used the Mario later for hot potato.

Don't forget to provide your guests with party favors too!

Happy Planning,

The Dragon Mama

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