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Monster Truck Party!

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

It's spring and for me that means birthday parties. All 3 of my boys have birthdays between the last week of April and the first week of June. As I am planning for their special days, I have been looking back at previous parties and I thought I would share some of my favorite themes we have done. I asked my oldest to name his favorite party, and he said his 4th birthday. Monster Truck Party! Everyone came to cheer on "Fournado," monster truck #4. You may notice the name and number around on the posters and on my son's shirt.

Starting from the beginning, I like to do something simple but impactful where the kids enter. Here, I laid out an aisle runner made to look like a road, lined up cones with flags and put up a poster. You can easily get items like all these on Amazon which I linked below!

I had the dessert table set up inside so the kids could see it when they first walked in. Cake, donuts, traffic light rice crispy treats. All so easy, but so exciting to little ones. My mom made the cake, I bought the donuts, and I put together the traffic lights the morning of the party. The cake stand is a 12x18 trailer tire. Check here for tires. I linked all the items needed for the traffic lights except M&Ms because you can find those much cheaper at Walmart. I included dessert plates, napkins and candles too!

After the kids walked passed the treat table, they got to grab a monster truck or two and head outside. The first thing most of the kids gravitated to was the monster truck tract that I made from paper mache. If you want to make one too, email me and I will give you some tips! In case you don't have the time to make one (honestly it is very labor intensive,) you can put out some official Hot Wheels or Monster Jam tracks I linked below. (The take home boxes were to put their piñata candy in later.)

Lunch was pizza, wheel macaroni and cheese, fruit cups and chips - served in the Pit Crew Area. I used black tablecloths marked with white duct tape to look like roads and paper/plastic goods for easy cleanup! You can't see in the picture but I also had mini cones out on the table for decoration.

Next came the games. I made a pin the license plate on the monster truck game. I am fortunate to have access to a plan printer, but you could always have a large monster truck graphic printed at Kinkos or Staples. Or, use a backdrop like I linked below. I just used mailing labels for the license plates are wrote the kids' names on them. After, we did an obstacle course. The kids had to put on the inflatable tire, run a distance, take it off, run around a cone and then run straight with a monster truck on a spoon. Those three things were enough for the 4 and under crowd. At the end, they received a Blaze the Monster Truck medal.

Finally, we had a piñata. Because this party was a few years ago, I couldn't find the exact piñata we had, but check these out! I used takeout boxes for them to put their candy in. If you have a Cricut, labeling them with the kids name makes a big impression on the kids. They love to see their name on their special items.

The last thing I want to mention is the clothes. I really like to fully immerse the whole family in the theme. My sister made these shirts for some of the adults. If you do not have a Cricut you can always find someone to make similar ones on Etsy. Or, of course, purchase some Monster Truck shirts on Amazon which I linked below.

Oh...and don't forget to label the bathroom!

If you plan a monster truck party this year, I hope you have a SMASHING time! If you think you may in the future, pin this article!

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1 Comment

You really did think of EVERYTHING -- even the bathroom!!! haha! Really, super great work, mama!

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