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Easy Dollar Tree Fall DIY For Kids

My kids had a lot of fun sponge painting and blending the fall colors on these wooden leaves from The Dollar Tree. You can have each kid make one with their initial to hang on their bedroom door, you can have them each do a letter of your last name or you can spell out something like "fall" or "autumn." Even though these have twine for hanging, I actually attached them to my mantel with command strips.

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  1. Wooden leaf from The Dollar Tree.

  2. Paint in fall colors.

  3. Sponges. (You can cut a large sponge into pieces.)

  4. Letter Stickers. I made stickers from vinyl with my Cricut.


This project is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Place sticker in center of leaf

  2. Use one sponge per color to dab and blend!

  3. When paint dries, peel off sticker.

Check out these fun craft sets I also found on Amazon!


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