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Every mom should be doing a self care check in, during the pandemic especially.

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

*This article is not intended as medical advice.

Nothing is as it should be right now. Mothers were already overloaded. Now, many mothers are also becoming part time teacher at the same time as teleworking. Or, you may be working outside the home more than ever, like in a hospital, experiencing a type of stress you never imagined.

Places of relaxation aren't the same. There was a long time in several states that hair and nail salons weren't open at all. And, now they are very different places with limited services, few clients inside at a time and face masks worn. Spiritual places likes churches are closed or open in a very limited capacity. Places to take the kids are limited. Play dates are less often if at all.

Don't let the walls close in on you, don't stop taking care of yourself, keep your mind sharp and don't let the days blur together. Do a self care check in daily, and reflect on how YOU are doing. You might not meet all of these goals everyday but just paying attention to whether you are doing things that are significant to your well being is important.

What this list means to one person will be different from another. One good thing for your body may be a reminder to actually brush your hair (when my last son was a newborn I remember throwing my hair in a ponytail for days,) for another it may be making a homemade face mask, for another it may be running a mile. For one person, going outdoors may mean sitting on their patio for 10 minutes, for another it may be taking an hour long hike in a forest. Connecting with someone that doesn't live in your house may be a video chat with friend or going on a socially distanced walk with someone. Wherever you are at, whatever your goals, start somewhere!

Each week I'm going to go in depth on one of these self care areas. Why they are important and ways to achieve them. Of course, you can make your own checklist too, tailored to your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental needs.

Start somewhere!

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