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Father's Day Gift Photo Idea

This is pretty simple, so this article will be short and sweet. There's really just two requirements for this. If you want to make the word DAD, you need at least 3 kids, but you can always have more. Second, you need to be able to take the picture from several feet above. I just had my kids lay on the floor on the bottom floor of the house, and I took the photo from the second floor. I think standing on a counter high table or ladder would also work. (Unnecessary disclaimer but I always put them in because I went to law careful. And, only have an adult take the picture.)

The main tip for this project : take a picture of each letter individually, and then put them together. Obviously I had to do that because I only have 3 kids, but even if I had 9 kids (say we are making a POP for a grandparent,) I would still take them individually. There is too much room for error to do it otherwise.

I used the inCollage app to put my photos together.

I hope everyone has a great Father's Day!

Dragon Mama

Thanks for sharing!

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1 Comment

Diana Sweeney
Diana Sweeney
Jun 15, 2022

This is such a cute idea for Father's Day!

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