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Halloween Books Our Family Loves

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

My kids love holiday themed books, Halloween especially. There's really something for everyone: pumpkins, costumes, candy, creepy, spooky and kooky. My dragons are ages 3 to 8 to so the books vary widely from cute board books to frightfully fascinating chapter books.

This article may contain affiliate links. DM may earn a small commission from purchases. All book recommendations were completely chosen by me and my kids alone. I hope you enjoy our recommendations.

1. Curious George Hooray For Halloween.

Why we love it: This book is good for young ones who may not know what to expect at a Halloween Party. It starts right off by reminding George (and the reader) that friends are inside the costumes - even if they seem a little scary. There's also a monkey jumping on a bed, always a win with toddlers. BTW the movie Curious George - A Halloween Boo Fest is a favorite around here even with mom and dad.

2. Five Little Monkeys

Why we love it: These little monkey siblings play a cute little trick on their babysitter one Halloween, but their mom and the babysitter have a little tricky treat of their own.

3. Sheep Trick or Treat

Why we love it: It's not often sheep are the stars of a Halloween book. But these soft creatures, show what it would be like to trick or treat on a farm - at night even with the wolves out!

4. Ten Timid Ghosts

Why we love it: Preschoolers love a good counting book. Not only do they get to practice counting ten times, but they also learn to count down and can even start to learn basic subtraction. The story has lots of repetition too. On the first read, my 3 year old was already starting to remember the lines. My 6 year old can read it himself and enjoys the story as well!

5. Pete the Cat, Trick or Pete

Why we love it: All the Pete the Cat books are popular in our home and we even have a Pete stuffed animal. Pete's books are great for my first grader to read and this book is lift the flap, which my 3 year old loves. In this story, the characters see and hear seemingly spooky things that turn out to be not so scary.

6. How to Catch A Witch

Why we love it: This is another series of books that we collect. We are particularly found of How to Catch a Leprechaun and How to Catch an Elf. We just purchased this book recently as it is brand new. The kids gave it a 10/10. Excellent illustrations! How to Catch a Monster would probably be another cool choice for Halloween.

7. Pig The Monster

Why we love it: If you haven't read any Pig the Pug books, you should. All three of my kids think they are HILARIOUS. This book is no exception. And, of course, teaches a lesson; in this case, what happens when you get more than a little carried away with candy and treats.

7. What Makes A Monster

Why we love it: If you've seen my fb reel with these books you can see this book has been "well-loved." My kids are all about scary creatures and not just the make believe ones. My oldest dragon, has always loved dangerous or creepy animals. There is a series that has been on Netflix called World's Most Dangerous Animals. He would watch it over and over. This book is similar, focusing on the world's scariest creatures such as vampire bats, globlin sharks and the horror frog. I always try to squeeze in some fun education as well on holidays.

9. The Witches

Why we love it: My 8 year old is currently reading this book. I actually have not read it, but am a major fan of Roald Dahl. I am going to read it when he is done. Of course, I do know the story because the movie is a creepy classic! It completely freaked me out as a kid, but I kept coming back for more. Haha.

10. Any Goosebumps Books

My 8 year old has been interested in Goosebumps books since he was 4 years old. He would ask for the books and have me read them to him before he could read. Now, at 8 he can read them with ease, and we have quite an assortment. Any of these R.L Stine spooky tales would be great for the October holiday. There are, however, some which are set around Halloween. One which we have read, is Zombie Halloween. (Personally, not our most favorite but there are just soo many spooktacular stories to compare it to.) There is also Trick or Trap, Weirdo Halloween and Attack of the Jack-O-Lanterns. Some of our most favorites are The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena, Phantom of the Auditorium, Stay out of the Basement, Night of the Living Dummy, and Cuckoo Clock of Doom to name a few!

What are your favorite Halloween books? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Halloween!

Dragon Mama

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