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Making the Super Bowl Enjoyable for Kids and Adults

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

*Of course snacks are definitely going to be involved in Super Bowl entertainment but this article is mainly going to be about the activities.

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This means I may make a commission from reader purchases but does not increase the cost to you. Please note, I would never recommend something I wouldn't buy myself.


1) Decorating

If you want to make it really easy on yourself, buy a basic decoration set and give the kids coloring sheets. Let the kids help set up the party and tape their coloring sheets to the wall. My kids love taking ownership in decorating, especially if it's a surprise. (One parent waits to see it until it's all done.) You can find free football and team themed coloring sheets here.

This party set looks pretty all- inclusive with plenty of things for the kids to get involved in.

If you want to do a craft too, the kids can make pom poms. Poms encourage cheering, and as a result, more watching of the game. I found a simple tutorial using tissue paper. I think you could also follow the same basic directions using plastic too. Either from trash bags (like if your team colors were black and white) or thick-ish plastic tablecloths.

I also saw these little wooden helmets kids can paint. Use team colors and glue them to a craft popsicle stick for another cheering tool. Or add a ribbon and hang them somewhere. Another idea is to glue them to a wreath that you can keep for years to come. (I think I may do this with my kids. If I do, I will post.)

2) Get Outside

If possible, I highly suggest getting outside for an hour before the game starts. Get those kids' little legs moving. If you have a football, toss that around! You want to get as much of their energy out as possible pregame.

First Quarter: Face Paint

Football fans are known for painting themselves. I saw these paint sticks to paint the kids' faces, and they look pretty easy. If you have one who has sensitive skin, or doesn't like face paint, I also found these undereye temporary tattoos. We used similar ones for my husband's baseball themed birthday.

For a bonus, let your kids dress up like a mascot. Getting all decked out and cheering with their poms poms should occupy the first quarter. We will have some pirate buccaneers this year!

Second Quarter: Games

By second quarter the kids are probably going to want to play. If they're willing to go in another room and play with their toys or video games...awesome! If you need to entertain them in the same room as the game viewing, here are some ideas.

1) Football Hot Potato

My kids love hot potato. If you have a stuffed football cool, if not use what you got! Tip: They have hot potato songs on You Tube you can can play that stop and start on their own!

2) Candy or Popcorn Commercial Bingo

Buy one or make your own. Just fill in the boxes with products or brands. Traditionally, with bingo you mark off a space when you have what is in that box. Another way to play that kids love is to place a piece of candy, raisin, popcorn or other snack on each square. When you have what is in the box, you eat the treat! You can determine how you win just like in traditional bingo - 5 in a row, make an X, 4 corners or blackout.

Its easy to make big cards on word by just creating a table with 5 rows and 5 columns, but click here for an inexpensive download on etsy if you don't have the time.

3) Puzzles and Board Games

My kids love playing board games with mom and dad. And, many are simple enough to play and watch the game. Some of their favorite games are Candyland, Guess Who, and Sorry. Puzzles are also great too if you can keep your kids interested. Also quieter.


Get the kids up and moving. Dance to the music of the half time show, or if you don't find it age appropriate for your littles, turn on some of their favorite tunes. Maybe you can learn some famous touchdown dances!

Third quarter: Make a Dessert

I suggest a dessert that the kids can just assemble at a table so you don't have to be in the kitchen away from they game...unless you yourself need a break from it! (or have a TV in the kitchen.)

My boys are pretty young, so I keep desserts they help with simple. Football shaped brownies are as easy as it gets. I suggest baking the brownies pregame (with or without the little ones) and let the kids use football shaped cookie cutters to cut out footballs. They can also use a frosting pen to make the laces. This can be done with chocolate rice crispy treats well! Get a cookie cutter here.

Here's a picture of football brownies a year ago. Of course you can just buy a regular mix but if you want to make healthier brownies there are sooo many different ways to do so. I've seen black bean brownies, zucchini brownies, almond flour brownies, chickpea name it! My mom recently made sweet potato, avocado brownies that my kids devoured. She found the recipe at

Another simple idea are football chocolate covered strawberries. Find the recipe link below. (I've also seen chocolate dipped apple slices made into footballs. Super cute.)

Fourth Quarter: Get in Jammies and Read Books

(UNLESS it's just a super close game and the kids are going to hyped up cheering with their dad )

I plan to get my kids in their jammies and have them cozy up on the couch for the end of the game. I love reading at night with my kids. Sometimes I read, sometimes my first grader reads. I saw these cute inexpensive books if you have a young reader.

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