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Moms are the Magic

Yes, Christmas is the most magical time of the year. But, behind the holly and jolly, the warm and fuzzy, the glitz and glamour is a tired mom. If you read my blog, you know my husband does more than his fair share around the house including giving baths, making lunches and doing laundry. You can read more about that here. With all that being said, I do most of the Christmas duties. Partially because I'm a control freak and want everything perfect for this time of year and partially because he wouldn't find most of the extra touches I like "necessary." In any case, I'm betting most moms are in the same boat this time of year. Not only do you have your regular duties which are already exhausting but now there's more at home and at the kids' school. And, some working moms are trying to tie up things at work that have to be done before the end of the year. Even if your husband helps with the gift buying, who makes sure there is enough wrapping paper? Who makes sure there is even enough wrapping paper for their family to wrap the gifts they bought mom? MOMS. And, who gets most of the credit for the Christmas magic? A person who doesn't even exist!

If you are wondering why you are SO tired in December, check out this might be doing more than a few of these.

Cleaning the house before the decorations go up

Getting out all the Christmas décor and/or buying more each year

Finding a way for the kids to help with the decorations and then finishing it yourself when the kids are "over it" and there is a big mess.

Scheduling pictures for the Christmas card and planning everyone's outfits

Creating/Ordering and Mailing Christmas cards

Purchasing gifts, wrapping paper, tape, bows etc. (And, going out to buy more when you run out.)

Wrapping Gifts

Holiday Baking - with and without the kids.

Moving the Elf on the Shelf EVERY night

Gingerbread houses (As much as I love the tradition it usually comes with a fair amount of frustration.)

Reading Christmas books...sometimes over and over and over

Planning Christmas Eve and Christmas Day clothes for the family

Volunteering at the school for winter events

Making sure the kids have new Christmas pajamas

Finding advent calendars and new advent candles

Teaching the kids Christmas songs

Planning movie nights with hot cocoa

Mapping out routes to see Christmas lights

Taking the kids to get their pictures with Santa...which also involves planning ensembles. In addition to dealing with potential tantrums, tears...etc.

Crafting or sewing

Planning holiday parties or hostess gifts

Packing for travel

Volunteering at church or charitable events

Cleaning/purging in the playroom before all the new toys come in.

Organizing and putting all the Christmas items away

Now, I didn't compile this list because I resent these duties, or I want credit. I enjoy creating a beautiful Christmas for my family with lots of memories. I am having fun with the Elf on the Shelf, and making sure my kids experience a myriad of Christmas traditions. This is just an exercise in mindfulness. Noticing all that you are doing as a mom and giving yourself grace if there is something you don't get to, forget or just don't want to do. Mom's are the magic and give yourself some credit, even when no else does. Make sure you are doing some self- care during December, even if its just buying yourself some holiday flavored Chapstick or indulging in a Starbucks holiday drink.

Happy Holidays!

Dragon Mama

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