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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

I love putting together self care gift packages for Mother's Day. Last year, I made my mom a lavender-centered gift box. Read here for the details on that DIY present. This year, I was inspired by the peach scented foot mask, linked below. (It works surprisingly well, btw!) The peach scent was so sweet and fresh. After using this product, I decided I needed more peach scented products, and I purchased a deep pore scrub with the aroma. I have been using the scrub for about a month now and I love it! With summer on the horizon, a care package based on the juicy fruit would be perfect for Mother's Day. I've linked several products below that I think could be chosen to mix and match to create a lovely gift. The last few aren't "peachy" but products I really like. The candle cracks me up!! I am asking my husband for the last product for Mother's Day. I have used my sisters on vacation and it really made my hair smooth.

This article contains affiliate links chosen by me. I hope these picks help you in your Mother's Day shopping. DM may earn a small commission on purchases at no cost to the reader.

Happy Mother's Day

Dragon Mama

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