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New Years Resolutions for Kids

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Resolutions to stop doing something or make an obligation to do something are great for adults, and maybe sometimes for kids. But for 2021, let's have the kids do something positive and fun. I propose allowing kids to choose something they want TO LEARN this year. I suggest picking a skill that is not taught in school, or something they are ready to be taught earlier than their classmates.

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I put two lists together of some ideas that span across ages. (See below) Once the kids pick one or more things they want to focus on, parents can help by brainstorming ways to facilitate the learning process. One great way to start is to pick a book on the subject. Valentine's Day and Easter are coming up. Books are great gifts. You can also watch you tube videos on the subject, join a relevant zoom class or maybe even do weekly lessons. Consider their learning goal when planning family outings. For example, if your child decided this is the year of dinosaurs, plan a trip tip to a museum when Covid restrictions are lifted. And of course, learning aids (like dinosaur toys or a clock designed to teach kids how to tell time) can be great birthday presents too! You might even have found a theme for their next party🥳

I would like to learn how to . . .

  1. Ride a bike

  2. Write my name

  3. Swim

  4. Bake a cake

  5. Scrapbook

  6. Play Chess

  7. Ride a bike with no training wheels

  8. Tie my shoes

  9. Tell time

  10. Hit a baseball without a tee

  11. Play tennis

  12. Read a chapter book

  13. Sing

  14. Do 100+ piece puzzles

  15. Do Karate

  16. Use the bathroom by myself

  17. Play a musical instrument

  18. Cook healthy food

  19. Make a you tube video

  20. Write a book

  21. Roller skate

  22. Get dressed by myself

  23. Draw portraits

  24. Dance

  25. Kick a goal

  26. Make my bed

  27. Sew

  28. Read music

  29. Write in cursive

  30. Learn sign language

  31. Count Money

  32. Babysit

  33. Use the phone to make a call

  34. Plant a garden

  35. Do yoga

  36. Use the computer

I would like to learn about . . .

  1. Dinosaurs

  2. Trains

  3. The Ocean

  4. The Bible

  5. Animals

  6. Fossils/Rocks

  7. Ballet

  8. Africa

  9. Planets

  10. Sports

  11. United States History

  12. Insects

  13. Disney Trivia

  14. Science

  15. Weather

  16. Cooking

  17. The Human Body

  18. Airplanes

  19. Harry Potter

  20. Cars

  21. Plants

  22. Robots

  23. Monster Trucks

  24. Art

  25. Saving the Earth

Let me know in the comments if your kids made a resolution to learn something!

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