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50 Things to do over Summer on Days at Home

Updated: Jun 21

We all have our version of "big" summer plans. It may be a tropical vacation or a road trip to a national park or a visit to a favorite amusement park. These things may take up much of our planning time. Arranging flights, making lists etc. We probably even have penciled in playdates, playgrounds and swim lessons. But its those days at home after having been on a break for a while, which could be 5 days in a row, where you are wishing you would have planned for. Here is a list of fun things to do at home this summer when bored strikes and the kids are you making your crazy! (Or, does that just happen to me?) If you see anything on here you would like to learn or make you can add it to this fun free printable planner.

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Have a backyard picnic.

Make your own popsicles.

Join or create a summer reading challenge.

Have a science day.

Make your own crayons.

Run through the sprinklers.

DIY sidewalk paint.

Nature scavenger hunt.

Jump Rope.

Make a seashell craft.

Glow in the dark dance party.

Make solar oven s'mores.

Front yard lemonade stand.

Tie dye something.

Make a bird feeder.

Make a sand castle in a sandbox or with kinetic sand.

Bake homemade bread with homemade butter.

Talent show.

Hula hoop.

Learn a new dance.

Learn some magic tricks.

Have a drawing contest.

Have a Christmas in July Day.

Water balloon fun.

Plant pumpkins.

Make friendship bread. (Article coming soon!)

Water blaster art. (Article coming soon.)

Backyard campout.

Movie Marathon in Pajamas.

Slip and Slide.

Have a photo shoot.

Practice making soccer goals.

Set up a summer reading area.

Take on online field trip.

Make cookies for a friend or relative.

Put a fun color in your hair.

Raise money for a charity with a bake sale.

Batting practice.

At home spa day.


Play an old fashioned card game or dominos.

Video game tournament.

Lawn bowling.

Lego building day.

Board game tournament.

Make ice cream.


Plan some random acts of kindness.

Car/bike wash day.

Make snow cones.

Have a great summer!

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