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Breakfast Popsicles - Organic Strawberry Kiwi Acai.

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

A few years ago I started making what my kids call "breakfast popsicles" periodically during the summer. They obviously got their name because I let them eat the frozen pops in the morning, which is pretty thrilling to them. They have no idea that they are actually just eating pretty healthy breakfast items in a different form. These are a win-win for kids and parents, and you probably haven't seen a popsicle recipe that has paired these flavors before. I have spent many summers figuring out what combos all my kids like. These strawberry kiwi acai popsicles have only 3 ingredients and are easy to make the night before when I'm over the day and just want to relax. Of course, I could make the popsicles earlier in the day but I rarely get to it. But the next morning when I am at peak tiredness, I am so glad that at least the beginning of breakfast is ready; They usually eat a whole grain also. For example, my 7 year old had a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese after his popsicle. My 5 year old had a strawberry whole wheat waffle. Of course, Logan likes oatmeal or toddler pancakes.

For another Dragon Mama popsicle that we've had for breakfast can be found here.

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1 defrosted or partially defrosted Organic Sambazon Acai Pack

*Contains antioxidants, fiber & omegas (Antioxidant Vitamin A from beta carotene 2% RDV and 2497mg Omegas 3,6,9 per serving)

*I have not tried the unsweetened pack. I am going to guess that you would need more fruits to make it palatable for kids.

*These packs do have 12grams of added sugar. However, one pack is divided by 6 popsicles, so that amounts to only 2 grams per pop. There is also 4 grams of added sugar in the Stonyfield yogurt tube. So, all in all, its less than 3 grams of added sugar per pop.

2 organic or non organic kiwis cut into cubes

1 Organic Stonyfield strawberry yogurt tube

*These measurements fill my molds perfectly. If your popsicle molds are bigger than mine, you could use two yogurt tubes and/or add water to mix. These are pretty flavor packed, so adding a little water isn't going to decrease the yum factor. (I have actually been looking for bigger molds like these.)

Directions: Blend and Pour. Yes, that is literally it.

Happy Summer!

Dragon Mama


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